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‘For All Health Issues, There Is Hope’

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Stories from Arnold's Way by Arnold Kauffman - Fruit-Powered Digest

It was one of those quiet Saturdays, when the focus was on everything you think, speak and eat. It was just about that moment in time, where you feel the goodness of life. I can speak only for myself. I reflect while in the moment, of where I am and the glory of who I am at the age of 68. I am thriving with myself and most importantly, my knowledge.

At my age, I realize that there is a fine line between thriving and surviving. There is also a fine line between rocking in the free world and just hanging in there. There is a line of feeling just OK, with no chance of ever feeling better. I will be talking about this line in this article. I will share my experiences and how I see others living, eating and interacting with their environment.

Young girl having fun on a swing set

I see children in a park, with no idea where they’re going, what they’re doing or who they are playing with. They just want to have fun. To live in a world where the only thing that matters is now is the world they are living in. Just now, they focus on the sticks they carry, throwing stones into the water and running without barriers. As I see these children, I also see a young couple, the single people in their 20s and 30s. I see myself back then and think about what was real and important and what was not. Everything I did, I look at like it was a movie without any thought for the consequences of my actions. I reflect on my childhood, a time when playing was an everyday thing and eating was something you did because it was ready to be served.

I begin with all the children. Day in and day out, they eat cereal and milk. These are foods the body cannot process. Cereal, according to the book Become Younger by Norman Walker, is composed of C6H12O6. With this knowledge, I observe the young children as vibrant, always running, always exercising and living their life without fear or thought and, for the most part, without the fear of gaining weight. They are young, and their bodies cannot process the milk and cereal; however, they still can burn off milk and cereal. There are some obese children, but most aren’t. Fat can be stored in the cells as acid waste, which the body cannot burn off.

A group of kids plays in a park

“The body comes equipped with a self-healing system that is encoded at the cellular form from the time of birth,” Walker writes. This means that the body has innate abilities to heal and can create a crisis in which toxic material is removed if it is impeding bodily function. With that, I believe children with higher energy levels possess stronger immune systems. Essentially, all cooked food is considered acid waste to the body because the nutrients have been destroyed through the cooking process. The body reacts to any accumulation of acid waste with increased energy to remove the acid waste so it does not harm the body. These reactions include and are not limited to pain, sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, urination and fever. The body has intelligence to destroy the invasions of toxic material.

Times have changed, life goes on and, generally, society listens to information that is not necessarily supporting the idea of the body’s ability to heal itself. Many listen to what is said on TV, even if it is doing the body more harm than good. It is popularized and even glamourized because of its effectiveness in a small percentage of the population. Which does not apply to the whole population. There is too much attention given to the foods that have chemical compounds added for flavoring and a “better” appearance, so the general idea is to follow the foods that look and taste good. The appearance and taste of artificial foods get more attention than foods that are good and benefit the body. Another general idea of food is the entertainment factor, mistakenly linked with good health, in which food that looks and tastes good—even if artificially manipulated—is benefiting our health.

Arnold Kauffman rock climbs
Arnold Kauffman has stayed young by eating a mostly fruitarian diet and keeping active. Here, he exercises in his rock climbing room—temporary quarters for many a raw fooder from all over the globe—in July 2012 at 65 years young.

I observe the development of children into adolescence and, eventually, adulthood. They become less active as time passes and are much less caught up in the moment of time. Their focus becomes more on the past, present and future, rather than just the moment they’re in. Many young women become heavier with age, even though media glamourizes women to appear as thin as twigs and TV commercials show thin women grabbing fast food, dairy-rich foods—both propagating the false perception of what the “ideal” image is. As they get even older, the degeneration increases, and cellulite appears on their legs, waist size increases and extreme diets and “effective” exercise routines, also advertised on TV, become popular.

I sit here and observe my joyous jubilation with each moment that I have not gained any weight since the age of 50, and my size dimensions remained the same. I live my life consciously, even though I have aged. I do my best to keep going. I sit here in the park, observing youths running around energetically while people in their 20s are at local pubs, drinking liquor and beer and eating french fries. They see this as their end of life, seeing nothing beyond this point.

The clock ticks—from the climbing of stairs to the parks and then to the pubs. I sit here and observe workers inside who literally spend their shifts wobbling. We live in a society that focuses on food as entertainment, fueled by TV commercials and print ads, which are edited to appear “perfect,” enticing large audiences to engage in more entertainment. A significant amount of energy goes into the social and entertainment factors of foods—more so than the amount of nutrition the food possesses. The focuses are on taste, simplicity of preparation as well as cost. I sit here and observe people standing in line, buying these entertainment-focused foods. I see people driving to their favorite restaurants, with very well lighted and colorful advertisement schemes, and all this becomes memories to these people, craving social interaction.

Woman enjoys an apple outside
Fruit is the ultimate food for human beings, but so many overlook these sugar-rich gems for entertainment foods, Arnold writes.

All this food becomes toxic waste to the body, and this waste is removed through the channels of the body such as urine, sweat, vomit, tears, etc. Sometimes, the toxic waste is held in until the body has enough energy to remove it. If this waste is not removed from the body, and the body has enough energy, an immune fighter will battle the toxic waste and destroy it. The body has mechanisms to remove and/or destroy toxic waste. This friends, is called pain. This is short for: “Pay Attention Important Now.”

The body has to enlarge an area to welcome the immune fighters. The body never makes a mistake in its healing methodology. What the average person sees as illness is actually a full-scale body-defense alert to cope with what it was given as a food. If someone is gaining weight, it is a reaction to store the excess toxins. The storage tanks are called fat.

I sit here, I read and I see the progression of life and degeneration, all the way to death. I know that there is an answer, an alternative approach to every health issue. For all health issues, there is hope.

I observe what I’ve learned over my 68 years of life on this planet as well as those around me. Some of these people’s best days are behind them, and my best days are ahead of me. I speak about being on a mostly fruitarian lifestyle, which is calorie- and nutrient-rich, with little energy spent on digestion. This is alkalizing to me, leaving almost no toxic residue. These are my secrets and thoughts, which I share with you this Sunday evening.

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