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Charlie Abel’s Top Tip for Lifting Weights in a Standing Position

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Charlie Abel, the author of The Raw Food Bodybuilding Training Manual, shares his Top Tip for Lifting Weights in a Standing Position. Charlie Abel, 56, of Pahoa, Hawaii, has been a bodybuilder since 1974. He has been a Natural Hygienist since 2002, subsisting on a diet of whole, natural raw foods since then.

In 1996, Charlie Abel was diagnosed with glaucoma, and doctors told him he would have to be on eye medications for the rest of his life to control it or risk losing his eyesight in that eye. He turned to Natural Hygiene, stopping the medications, and has had no problems with glaucoma since. Now at age 56, people tell Charlie that he doesn’t look 56, but he insists, “Yes I do look 56—this is what 56 is supposed to look like, folks.” His motto is “Health is wealth—invest today.”

Presenting Charlie Abel’s Top Tip for Lifting Weights in a Standing Position

Anytime you are lifting weights in a standing position using a barbell or dumbbells, there is a risk of arching the low back and thus injuring it in exercises such as curls and overhead pressing when standing with your feet together. A better stance to take to protect the low back is to leave the left foot pointing forward, but take the right foot about 6 inches behind the left, with the toes pointed outward at about a 45-degree angle.

Charlie Abel demonstrating proper standing position for lifting weights

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