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Celebrating a Special Fruit and Improved Health with Banana Fest

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Stories from Arnold's Way by Arnold Kauffman - Fruit-Powered Digest

It was about a month ago when I was faced with a decision that put me on the edge of what is most important and what is not important. This decision took me, literally, 68 years of living, breathing and doing everything that a man should do to become really clear. “What is my purpose and what is my mission?” It was a Saturday afternoon, when all these decisions came to my mind. Chad and Jamie visited me from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, just for the day. It was a day of celebration, Chad’s birthday. It was a day to chill together, to talk, to chat and to review our goals, aspirations and what is important.

Jamie looked me in the eye and asked, “What do you want?” This is where my mind began spinning, calculating and deciding based on my knowing everything about Jamie, knowing everything about myself and that whatever I decided, it would be a reality at the moment of deciding. I decided with this experience to create Banana Fest with no money exchange, no investment, no ulterior motive and no secret agenda. I chose Banana Fest for light and love, for making a statement that resonates most with my truth and highest light.

Arnold Kauffman is photographed in Memorial Park in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, on August 4, 2012
Arnold Kauffman is photographed in Memorial Park in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, on August 4, 2012, during a photo shoot for The Way of Arnold. Arnold’s café, Arnold’s Way, will sponsor Banana Fest in a different Lansdale park, Whites Road Park, on May 24, 2015. The event is free for all. Another Arnold’s Way fruitluck is being planned for late August.

In my 24 years of business, studying, learning and teaching, I’ve realized there are truths from nature, the universe of love and our bodies’ innate wisdom on how intricate and complex our bodies’ needs and wants are. I’ve realized how, in every incident, our bodies’ continuous goal is thriving for perfection.

It is with this understanding of my body, of my truth of living to my highest light, that I chose my raw vegan lifestyle. I chose it on a daily basis, moment to moment, decision by decision, what to do, what to think and, so importantly, what to eat! It is on that note that I chose the banana over and over and over again. It tastes so good! It is a fruit that contains about 100 calories and is easy to digest, and it can be used in so many different ways. I take my experience of eating the banana in smoothies with fruit; frozen with dates and processed with fruits; and plain from just peeling it.

I take all my experiences with bananas as my main source of food and feel thunder into the night. I found my secret of what is real and what is not. I take this knowledge, wisdom and undeniable truth of my soul and existence as one of the major sources of who I am and why I do what I do!

An illustration of dancing bananas

Looking Jamie in the eye after being asked what I want—which is to create an event representing Arnold’s Way and representing what I want to share with so many seeking their own path to their truth to their light—my only answer was a banana. Whatever was supposed to be would come to spread the words of health, vitality and joyous jubilation.

All those exotic-sounding words representing happiness in life is a reflection of who I am, how I see life and how I play it. I owe my ecstatic joy in part to what I eat: living food! Fruit is what I eat mostly. One fruit at a time—and mostly bananas!

This is what I want to share, and this is what I see on a daily basis. This is how miracles occur, by changing our dietary habits to eating one fruit at a time. This, my friends, became my rock, my lifeline for my staying strong. It keeps me active and mesmerized by my goal, which is to create an energetic movement for the transformation to a disease-free world. I have seen the health results in me, and I have seen the health results in so many others.

Dozens of bananas are stacked at a market
Hundreds—possibly thousands—of bananas are expected to be consumed at Banana Fest. The winner receives free 16-ounce Banana Whips at Arnold’s Way every day for a year.

I have seen the results in someone who was 13, had two brain tumor operations and was on schedule for a third operation. The only problem was because of her two previous operations, the doctors could not perform an operation. The only thing they could do, as quoted, “Was to get her papers in order and be prepared for a slow, quiet death.”

At the age of 13, Megan Sherow was not ready to die. She knew there was hope, but she didn’t know what to do. It is under these circumstances that she and her mother came into my store. I spoke to her about tumors, or, in Natural Hygiene terms, “induration,” a term to describe the body’s innate intelligence to proactively orchestrate forces to encapsulate toxic material that would be a threat to your body’s well-being. The body uses its only resource to encapsulate the toxic material in a gelatinous mass and place in an area far away from your major organs.

In Megan’s case, the tumor formation and encapsulation process took place in her brain. Three times, the tumor formed and was twice removed. As I explained this all, Megan and her mother listened to me. It was on this day that Megan and Maria began their journey toward a fruitarian lifestyle, eating bananas, a calorie-rich food that requires little energy for digestion. This is where I saw results in Megan and saw results in me. I have seen the results in hundreds—if not thousands—of people. I have seen that once one changes from eating the standard American diet to a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and some nuts and seeds, change begins to happen in his or her body.

Megan Sherow is photographed with Arnold Kauffman
Photographed with Arnold Kauffman at the Arnold’s Way potluck in July 2013, Megan Sherow adopted a fruit-and-greens diet to reverse Stage 3 brain cancer.

I am totally in awe of the power of bananas. In the mornings, I eat three to five bananas. In the afternoon, I use three to five bananas in smoothies. In the afternoon, I also gravitate toward my banana “ice cream,” which I call Banana Whips. This is my daily ritual, day in and day out. I think about Megan when she changed rather quickly to an exclusively fruit-and-greens lifestyle and witnessed results from no hope in survival to a warrior without boundaries. Her body had significantly more energy to destroy and annihilate that which affected her well-being.

In Megan’s case, the third tumor was dissolved by changing her eating habits, giving her body forces to defend against the cancer. Her choice was eating mostly bananas as her primarily calorie source. This is why I am writing so highly about bananas, why I am having Banana Fest, why I am talking about Jamie and how I can help. The Banana Fest for me is a cost-free way of making a festival where nobody pays and everybody enjoys the presence of other banana eaters as well. The banana has been very important for so many people with so many health conditions.

The Banana Festival is May 24 from 2 to 8 p.m. at Whites Road Park in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Come and enjoy! Bring your bananas and listen to stories! Cheers for now!

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