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Miseducated societies are fraught with confusion, nonsensical thinking, destructive behaviors, incessant turmoil, suffering and, if carried too far, extinction. Does this sound familiar? Indeed, sadly, this is our reality.

Cover of Natural Hygiene: Man's Pristine Way Of Life by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

But, with the human capacity to focus our indomitable will to overcome and prosper, the potential to achieve the reversal of the world’s perilous descent is in our hands. Correct education is the key.

All things good can come from efforts that are congruent with the Laws of Nature. Every man, woman and child needs an accurate education in natural living and health care. There is no greater need at this time! In his classic Natural Hygiene: Man’s Pristine Way of Lifethe great Natural Hygiene educator-doctor Dr. Herbert M. Shelton wrote:

“Perhaps the greatest want of our age is a correct education of the physiology of our being and the laws that govern life, health and disease.”

We must think clearly if we wish to fulfill our wishes of improving every aspect of our lives and living well. It all starts with correct education, or re-education.

At least 99 percent of the thoughts humanity entertain about health are wrong! Even those who have just begun reading about the promises of healthful vegan, raw food, fruitarian and Hygienic living have a lot to unlearn. There is much to learn anew, and the new education must be accurate!

What is Educational Excellence About?

Education can be distilled down to this quote by the famed 19th century English biologist Thomas Henry Huxley:

“Education is the instruction of the intellect in the Laws of Nature.”

This so true! With regard to health and ecology, every system of thought must be grounded in an accurate understanding of the true physiological and biological Laws of Nature, as well as an accurate understanding of humans’ true biological nature. All else is delusion, begetting turmoil and disease.

The only true system of thought with regard to healthful living, and the only basis of educational excellence, is Natural Hygiene, which we also call Vibrant Living.

Natural Hygiene is based upon an accurate understanding of physiology, biology and a huge, time-honored body of empirical evidence. It is the art and science of living healthfully, or vibrantly, fulfilling the prime requisites of health, in accord with our natural biological mandates. Natural Hygienists and Vibrant Living Enthusiasts refer to nature as our mentor and teacher.

One whole mango and a cut half of mango against a white background
Enjoying sweet, juicy mangos and other fruits is a chief tenet of Natural Hygiene! Learn more about mangos in Fruit-Powered Fun Food Facts.

Natural Hygiene teaches us the Natural Laws of Life: i.e., the nature and purpose of disease, how to restore health relying on our awesome self-healing powers and how to live in optimum wellness. It can be considered to be “applied human physiology.” The Natural Hygiene teaching model holds that Vibrant Health is our God-given birthright and that this is attainable via Vibrant Living. It embodies those principles which guide us to correct living practices. Natural Hygiene is timeless—it is simply the one and only science of wholistic natural health. No other health system has proven to be more effective in the restoration and preservation of health.

In Natural Hygiene: Man’s Pristine Way of Life, Dr. Herbert M. Shelton also wrote:

“Great responsibilities rest upon us. Hygiene comes as a savior of the race. If we are to fulfill our obligations, we must be teachers of the people. We must dispel the darkness of ignorance and superstition with the glorious sunlight of truth; we must spread a true knowledge of the laws which govern our being. Ours is a positive program that offers the people, as a substitute for the wrong ways of life, ways that are in strict accord with the Laws of Life.”

Natural Hygiene must be our sole teaching basis. All other health systems mislead us onto delusional, disempowering paths because they are unnatural, disconnected from our true nature. They are life-debilitating, rather than life-enhancing.

The natural way is best! Why? Because nothing can trump Nature, and the natural way begets the surest and most sublime results. As all living organisms and systems were designed by Nature, abiding by Nature’s “operating manual” is the only wise way to live!

My new Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy teaches and trains Vibrant Health Teacher-Counselors in all of these precise hygienic principles.

Badge of the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy

The Hallmarks of Educational Excellence

A truly excellent teacher such as a Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy Teacher-Counselor (VH&WATC) embodies truth, integrity, compassion, wisdom and goodness—and radiates the glow of extraordinary vibrance. Natural Hygiene is his or her sole teaching basis and the means by which consistently superb results are achieved—naturally!

The chief role of a truly excellent teacher-counselor is to:

  • Teach students and clients the principles of Natural Hygiene/Vibrant Living
  • Instruct students and clients how to avoid the traps of unhealthful habits that plague humanity
  • Empower students and clients with the ultimate natural precepts and guidelines for achieving the pinnacle of health—Vibrant Health
  • Instruct students and clients to think for themselves wholistically
  • Instruct students and clients to observe Nature and abide by her Laws
  • To instruct students and clients to be intuitive and apply natural common sense so that they become free of the common dogma of the ages regarding disease causation, healing and diet

A truly excellent teacher-counselor’s students and clients learn how their dietary and other lifestyle choices are key factors in the performance of their physiological functions and the preservation of their health. They are taught how to remove the causes of their diseases and apply Vibrant Lifestyle practices, which will liberate them from disease. They are instilled with supreme confidence in their own intellectual capabilities, to find the information they need and to deduce the answers using true science and natural logic. They are informed of the supreme necessity of assuming 100 percent responsibility for taking care of their own health. They are empowered to become their own doctor, whereby they make health decisions based upon their own intuition and the common sense of the Laws of Life.

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A truly excellent teacher-counselor imparts to his or her students and clients the proper understandings of physiology of detoxification and what the body requires to rejuvenate. In turn, with skillful guidance, clients will rejuvenate and reach loftier heights in health and physical and mental performance than previously experienced. The teacher-counselor’s students and clients will understand that with an alkalized body that is no longer stifled by toxin-induced fatigue, stiffness, weakness and pain, and free of the misery of failing bodily functions and the effects of drug treatments, they will become energized, feel more alive and joyful, and get more out of life. They’ll discover what a magnificent self-healing, high-performance, energetic marvel their body is when it’s bathed in an alkaline environment that is fed the Vibrant Diet.

The Vibrant Diet model of healthful eating is a key element taught by a truly excellent teacher-counselor—it sets him or her apart from virtually all other schools of diet and nutrition. The Vibrant Diet is humans’ natural biological diet. It has proven to be the most health-promoting of all dietary models for humans and the only logical way to go when we consider human nutrition, health restoration and health maintenance. It brings people back to life!

Logo of the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy

The Vibrant Diet is based on conclusive evidence that we are biologically and physiologically frugivores. As such, fruit stands as our natural and healthful food. The Vibrant Diet consists of our most naturally healthful, delicious and satisfying foods: raw fruits and vegetables with minimal amounts of seeds and nuts. The Vibrant Diet is comprised of 90 percent alkalizing foods, averaging the following caloronutrient ratio: 80 percent carbohydrates, 10 percent protein and 10 percent fat. Eating 75 percent raw is a good place to start with the goal of working one’s way up to 100 percent raw. The Vibrant Diet reverses and prevents acidosis, the predominant underlying condition that causes most diseases and the physical degeneration humanity experiences. This vivifying diet promotes complete healing of most disease conditions and complete rejuvenation, attended by peak strength, endurance, longevity and a joyful sense of Vibrant Health. Many have realized these wonderful benefits for themselves, and many more need to receive our vital message and our help in adopting the Vibrant Diet.

Truly excellent teacher-counselors have the greatest success in helping people recover from illness and create truly vibrant health. They are living examples of the highest level of health attainment and will stand out as a beacon of Vibrant Living and educational excellence. Their clients love them because they teach the truth, they get results beyond their expectations, they save bundles of money, overcome suffering and sing new songs of joy. When their clients learn Nature’s laws and provide the true requisites of health, they unerringly meet with healing success and create joyously happy outcomes.

Begin Correctly and Learn For Life

A thorough education in Natural Hygiene/Vibrant Living is the pathway to achieving elite status in educational excellence. There is no truer or more empowering way to go! The true beauty of life and its highest joys can be realized only via correct thinking and Vibrant Living. To truly know yourself and fulfill your true potential, become a student and practitioner of Vibrant Living. You’ll love the results and likely will become highly inspired to share your knowledge and positively affect the lives of many. That’s human nature—the world needs just that!

For more information, please visit the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy site and envision your future as an excellent teacher-counselor and successful wholistic health business entrepreneur. I’ll be happy to hear from you!

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