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The Most Delicious Fruit of My Vegan Life

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With my health in ruins after my first 26 years of eating an omnivorous diet of every so-called “food” available in supermarkets and restaurants (mainly meat, bread and junk foods, with occasional corn on the cob, garden salads, apples and melons), I switched to a 100 percent vegan diet anchored by raw fruits in order to heal an illness that was soon going to kill me: ulcerative colitis.

I fully detoxified and healed up rapidly, and with my new healthful lifestyle, my joie de vivre soared out of sight!

I have not missed the meat, bread and other processed rubbish. I fell in love with real foods—mainly fruits! I learned that humans are biologically frugivores, and I took the plunge.

Fruits enabled me to heal and rejuvenate with a higher level of health and deeper connection to my true self than ever before. My diet used to be 5 percent food. Now it’s 100 percent food, and I am getting at least 100 times more nutrients every day, and my body is performing better than ever!

Blueberries, apples and peaches on a table
On a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, Dr. David Klein reversed ulcerative colitis, which hampered him for years.

Today, 31 years after adopting my new natural diet, my passion for life is still out of sight, and I am enjoying excellent health, feeling youthful and am always inspired to help humanity learn how they, too, can reverse disease, fully rejuvenate and love life more than ever.

So, what is the most delicious fruit in my new life? It’s not actually anything tangible. No—it’s not something I can hold in my hand, eat and gain sensuous pleasure from. It’s something far more precious.

Delicious: adjective. Delightful.

Fruit: noun. Reward.

The most delightful (or delicious) reward (or fruit) I’ve gained from my new vegan life is the mental clarity I experience.

Unpolluted, unstimulated, unscrambled, unstifled and unburdened by the toxins of my former unnatural diet, my bloodstream, tissues, endocrine system and brain are running clean and performing optimally. With that, my mind is no longer chaotic and confused, like that of all eaters of a cooked, processed, unnatural diet. Instead, my mind is clear and my awareness of my body, my environment and the spiritual essence of life is my wonderful new sensorial reality. I have a clarity about how to live my life in a way that will fulfill my highest purpose. Above all, I am clear that life is about love—experiencing the love within, sharing and receiving love, and helping others on their paths to discover how to be truly healthy, live their lives to their fullest potential and be fully embodied in the reality of love.

Illustration of a man cleaning out the cobwebs in a mind
The author of Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s counts mental clarity as the foremost benefit of his enjoying a low-fat raw food diet.

When I was toxic, my life was mostly futile, and my destiny was horrific suffering and an early grave. Now, with my pure body and clear mind, life is delightful, and I can make it be anything I choose.

Everyone wants health, ease, peace, joy, love and harmony on this Earth. We need clarity to get there. We will get there only if we eat our natural biological diet of mainly fruits and vegetables and live healthfully, as close to Nature as possible.

Learn about how to detoxify via a fruit-and-vegetable diet and water fasting to experience a most fruitful life. All good things will flow in your direction when your body is pure and your consciousness is clear. You’ll change forever and will feel like I do: vibrantly healthy, loved, rich and in harmony with life.

Go for those fruits! The world needs you to be the true you!

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