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Petr Cech smells durian in Koh Chang, Thailand, in 2013

Petr Cech’s Top 5 Tips for Staying 100 Percent on a Low-Fat Raw Vegan Diet

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Petr Cech shares his Top 5 Tips for staying 100 percent on a low-fat raw vegan diet. Petr is a healthy lifestyle and raw food counselor and fruit lover, having been on a 100 percent low-fat raw vegan diet since 2003. Petr likes to write articles and give presentations about fruit, healthy lifestyle and a low-fat raw vegan diet as well as spread the important message to help save us, the animals and the planet. He enjoys gardening and planting fruit trees.

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1. Invest time and/or money to find the best-quality, great-tasting fruits.

2. Eat enough sweet fruits to fulfill your body’s daily energy needs.

3. Learn to make great-tasting meals without spending too much time in the kitchen.

4. Get to know yourself.

5. Get deep knowledge about Natural Hygiene and how the body works to avoid misleading advice from others.

Petr Cech holds fruits in Bali in 2008
Petr Cech holds durian and papaya in Bali, Indonesia, in 2008.

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