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Cassandra Glynn Kutner walks on a treadmill

Cassandra Glynn Kutner Loses 145 Pounds, Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis

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I was bedridden six years ago, and just a few years ago, I had given up on life. I was knocking on heaven’s door. Really. I had foot drop and could not talk or function. I was on 15 heavy-duty medications, could barely move and slept day in and day out.

Cassandra Glynn Kutner walks along a road
Cassandra Glynn Kutner on a 3-mile walk up a mountain. Above, she exercises on a treadmill. This New Jersey woman has lost 145 pounds and is reversing symptoms of multiple sclerosis on a vegan and, since spring 2014, low-fat raw food diet.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 17 years ago, and my doctor had told me I would be in a wheelchair in 10 years, when my daughter was just 1 year old. I decided I would do everything I wanted to do in the next 10 years. I was living life but not healthfully at all.

I ate 100 percent garbage such as pizza, soda and ice cream and tried different diets such as Weight Watchers, pills and shakes, and the weight and medications kept piling on. I kept getting sicker and sicker. So within 10 years, I was bedridden and, yes, if I had gotten a wheelchair, I certainly could have used it. But I woke up one day and realized I still wanted to live life. I do not know what woke me up or how this happened, but I woke up.

I started to move and research everything, and this was the start of my long road to getting my health back. I had to drag my right leg and arm around. I also put the medications down. My physical therapist had given me a cane and brace to walk with, but I was not giving up. I was given a WalkAide to help me walk. This tool sends electric stimulation to create movement in the legs to raise the foot up, creating a more natural walking pattern.

Cover of The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Doug GrahamMy body was so badly abused that my bones literally hurt. I am regrowing my bones and muscles and brain and everything else, including my bladder and kidneys. I went vegan in 2009 and then kept learning more information. Someone suggested I read The 80/10/10 Diet, and then I went mostly raw vegan (95 percent of my diet) in April 2014. Soon enough, I went all raw.

I am very lucky to live near a co-op where I get fresh fruits and vegetables. A raw food diet works for me. I feel energized. I can wake up with my kids, something I could not do before. I could not feel the right side of my body and was very tight and spastic, and this was very uncomfortable, to say the least.

When I got the brace on my right leg and arm, I started going to a gym every other day and exercised on a treadmill very slowly. I would get up to just half a mile per hour at first. I lifted weights, but my right side was very weak. I swam in a pool and also practiced yoga. I walked, but it was not always pretty. I fell a couple of times and was seriously injured, so I had to slow down.

Before and after photos of Cassandra Glynn Kutner
Cassandra Glynn Kutner before and after her switch to a vegan and low-fat raw vegan diet.

I can now jog. Yes, I said it! I can jog on my treadmill! I can stand on my tippy toes. I went from not being able to walk without a brace to walking for miles and miles. Now I am able to jog at 3½ mph and am so grateful. I can type with my dominant hand but very slowly. I used to not be able to move my right arm and hand. It was so tight or spastic. I was partially paralyzed on the entire right side, even my face. I’m getting there. It is pretty incredible!

Cassandra Glynn Kutner poses with Arnold KauffmanI watched videos on a raw food diet and found [Arnold’s Way owner] Arnold Kauffman, my great friend who I love very much, and watched many of his videos numerous times. He suggested I get a rebounder, and I did and rebound at least three times a week. I also have an inversion table and use it almost every day.

I want to live life to the fullest. I do not know exactly what made me do a 180-degree turn but thank God. I love life. I have a profound love for every animal. That is why I went vegan, and then I went vegan for my health as well for the planet’s health. I would never go back.

Over the past six years, I have lost 145 pounds! I love life and love myself! I could not believe the day when I could jog. I was so happy, and my next goal is to run. It’s all about the mind, body and spirit. I meditate every morning and every night to Louise Hays on healing. I sleep at least eight to 10 hours a night. I get at least half an hour of fresh air and sunshine and supplement with Vitamin B12.

It has been an amazing journey! I am going to run again. I don’t know when, but I will run again! I will not ever give up. Look how far I have come! I know it is working. I can now jog after being bedridden. Yes, I am a miracle! I thank God!

Cassandra Glynn Kutner poses with her family on a beach
Cassandra Glynn Kutner poses with her family on a beach along the Jersey Shore.

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Cassandra Glynn Kutner with her family in a park

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2 thoughts on “Cassandra Glynn Kutner Loses 145 Pounds, Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis”

  1. What an incredible article by Cassandra – on the multiple sclerosis turnaround! That is an amazingly inspiring story – probably more so than I have ever heard so far.

    I would love to read a success story by someone who has had a congenital arthritic hip. I keep thinking that fruit will allow my body to heal itself! But a well known Dr., of nutrition and an M.D., told me that food would not affect my hip –enough to avoid surgery. He had no reason to convince me of that – due to financial gain, so I was quite surprised when I heard it. It kind of shot my feeling of hope that the body could heal it on it’s own. In spite of that, I have been on fruit since November 10, and I do see progress. Other times in my life I have gone on fruit and my hip would be normal in a matter of days – one time it was three and another time it was seven. Though I am able to do things I could not do before, such as go up and down stairs and walk without a cane – 80% of the time, I am a little surprised that it is not yet back to
    normal…..maybe I am a little spoiled from times before.

    Back to Cassondra, however, I admire the persistent hope that you had! I would like to experience that same hope again, as I have had so many times in the past! If there is just one person out there, who has had congenital hip issues that have been reversed, please speak up, if you feel at all comfortable doing so!

    1. Hi, Kate. Thanks for your comment! Yes, Cassandra is “on fire” and is very inspiring in person and online!

      Have you explored the Egoscue Method? This physical therapy gives one the best opportunity to have picture-perfect posture. I highly recommend coaching sessions either in person or on Skype. I’ve heard many say their pain goes away on a fruit-based diet, but dietary change alone will not correct the postural imbalances that caused pain and dysfunction to begin with. Read more:

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