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Weight Loss on a Raw Vegan Diet

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There are many reasons to go on a raw vegan diet such as moral, health and environmental reasons, and there are many benefits to reap. Some people go on a raw vegan diet to experience weight loss, or they are at least interested in losing weight during their transition to raw veganism. These questions are often asked: “Will I lose weight?” and “Will it stay off?”

The answers are yes. It is very possible you will have weight loss on a low-fat raw vegan diet. And if you stick with your healthful diet and a healthful lifestyle, the weight will stay off. This might come as a surprise. Mainstream media diets are all about high-protein, high-animal and even high-fat meals. Some weight-loss diets suggest cutting out all carbohydrates, including fruits and vegetables. Some suggest that anywhere between 40 and 80 percent of your diet should be animal protein. Some diets suggest that the majority of the food you put in your mouth should be meat. Who are the sponsors of these diets? If you look hard enough, usually it’s the meat industry.

For some people, these diets are a quick fix to a lifestyle problem. People on the Atkins Diet or Paleo Diet will experience weight loss in days. The problem is that these diets aren’t sustainable for a lifetime. Diets high in animal protein lead to heart problems, kidney problems, lung problems, cancer and other deadly illnesses. Dieters who chose these programs also don’t keep the weight off. This is because meat and dairy will leave you unhealthy, sick and sluggish. And when you feel sluggish or sick, you will not have a healthy-looking body.

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Leaving behind favorite foods can be challenging, but when you start eating more fruits and greens, the body responds and begins craving these natural whole foods. Most leading a low-fat raw vegan diet experience weight loss effortlessly.

Raw vegans are healthier than meat and dairy eaters. You probably already know about the problems of GMOs, processed foods, unhealthy additives and chemicals. Well, most processed foods are not vegan, and most certainly aren’t raw. Most packaged foods have milk-derived ingredients. When food is cooked, anywhere between 35 and 85 percent of nutrients are lost. So, when a person says no to meat, dairy and highly cooked meals, they are saying no to highly processed foods that are rich in deadly chemicals that hinder the body’s ability to burn fat.

The standard American diet is hard on the digestive system. Meats and dairy products slow energy and inhibit clear thinking. Raw vegans eat meals high in plant-sourced nutrition. And when these foods aren’t cooked, they retain their nutrients. Fruits and leafy greens, when combined correctly, are actually beneficial to the digestive system. They also help the body run efficiently. Fruits and greens are great sources of energy for exercising. When the body is running correctly and is active, unneeded weight will certainly come off.

If you eat too many calories for your body, you will put on weight. Meat is high in calories. So are foods made from cow’s milk—a liquid meant to turn a baby calf into a 700-plus-pound animal. Leafy greens and vegetables, however, are considerably low in calories. Fruit is also comparatively lower in calories than food on the typical American diet and is full of fiber to keep you full. There are still vegan foods, however, that, when eaten in excess, could prevent weight loss. Olive oil, vegetable oil and other oils are high in fat. Nuts and avocados are also high in fats and calories. A raw vegan should simply eat these foods in low amounts. When nuts and avocados are eaten in small amounts, they are beneficial. There is no debating that raw vegans following this lifestyle plan live healthful lifestyles and fill their bodies with the best kinds of food.

In my raw food coaching classes, I have seen many people lose weight. But they don’t simply lose weight. They gain happiness, energy and power. I have watched countless clients give up their meat-based diets for meals filled with phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins and life. When one chooses life-giving foods, many bad things will fall off—bad habits, bad energy, sickness and yes, unneeded weight.

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Arriving at your natural weight and maintaining this weight is possible on a fruit-based raw vegan diet.

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  1. Thank you Karen Ranzi for your usefull article. I informed a new and better thing about weight loss by reading your article. I shall must try it.

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