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Tips to Reduce Stress in Your Family Life During the Holidays

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Enjoy these 6 Tips to Reduce Stress in Your Family Life During the Holidays, from Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families.

1. A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation of your life. When you and your loved ones have a disagreement, focus only on the current situation. Do not bring up the past.

2. Eat an abundance of nutrient-dense raw vegan foods to energize and keep spirits up.

3. Exercise daily. Moving your body burns up stress hormones, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

4. Get adequate sleep to feel more relaxed. When overwhelmed with chores and shopping to do, this is most important.

Sleeping boy in long nightcap with a window open
Read Karen Ranzi’s article “Getting Your Perfect Sleep.”

5. Breathe deeply. Inhale slowly, letting your stomach rise for five seconds. Hold, and exhale slowly for five seconds. Practice five times each day for a total of five minutes.

6. Have fun! Make sure the preparations and stress that come along with the holidays don’t affect your family life. The well-being of each individual is a more important focus than the preparations involved for a beautiful holiday table. If the preparations are easy and fun, then even the youngest child will want to be involved.

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