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Composition of human head and fractal colors on the subject of mind, dreams, thinking, consciousness and imagination

The Mind Is the Lynchpin of Optimal Health

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Concluding the article run on the four causes of disease is a focus on the ultimate culprit: the mind. It is the regulating factor behind bodily functions, from the nervous system to the circulatory system. It determines everything you can think of. It makes us laugh and cry, rich and poor. It tells us when to eat and when to go to the bathroom. It also brings us health and disease.

I don’t think most people realize what the mind is capable of, so the purpose of this article is to disclose what I have learned when it comes to the mind, which still baffles scientists to this day. Even if I were a scientist, I would still advise one to draw his or her own conclusions from this article. In other words, read at your own risk as there is no lifeguard on duty.


When I was in school pursuing my communications degree, the cover of my mass media textbook reminded me of the numbers from The Matrix. It was neat-looking and was designed that way to be appealing to college students. It was also somewhat creepy-looking with the green hue and a bunch of numbers. But even creepier is that the cover of this book happened to be the archetype of American society, with its contents instructing on how to not just get the public’s attention but direct it. You could say I went to school to learn how to steer people because this is what the media industry does—and it is good at it.

A remote control with a television in the background

Repetition of the same television advertisement is not random or because nobody else wanted the slots—repetition is the reason! The reason being is to drill the product into your head because they know the key to influencing thought and the subconscious! They know that when the mind receives the same image over and over again, that image eventually becomes reality. It’s the same with printed publications, the radio and even food packaging and cell phone apps. Attention direction and repetition is the name of the game, designed very much like a casino—to keep the general public coming back for more so the top 2 percent can continue to control the 98 percent.

For the majority of my life, food and health decisions were based on what I saw or read, which is the norm in American society. Eventually, I started questioning some things that were not adding up and am fortunate to be where I am today with what I know, but some people are not so fortunate, as in the case of a woman one of my professors overheard at a supermarket. This woman was standing in the shampoo section talking to another woman about how she wanted to try a new shampoo because she heard it had the ability to cause orgasms!

Even though I was encouraged to read a newspaper while growing up, I was never interested in it, although I couldn’t help but watch the news when it was on during my early morning force-feeding routine. It never occurred to me to turn away from the television or to eat in another room because the TV was a mind stimulant during those waking hours, a time when the body is supposed to be resting. I didn’t know any better because I was young, protected and healthy, as was most of the family. Nobody was dying, and I enjoyed school, lived in a good neighborhood and had great toys to play with.

A pile of newspapers

It was a matter of time when all that changed, and I starting questioning a lot of things. I eventually avoided all TV like the plague and started making decisions based on researching claims made through books and the Internet, figuring out who the sources were and where these sources got their information. The answer was always the same: refer to nature, or better yet, be nature because all disease would reverse and environmental destruction would come to an end. It’s one of those cases where it’s so simple that it’s not so simple because the thought of a world without constant media is scary to many!


A great source of feedback that lets us know where we are in relation to ourselves and our goals are our feelings, which help us realize what we want or don’t want so that we can make the appropriate changes within ourselves, if needed. Negative emotions cause an acidic reaction in the body and breed disease. Positive emotions create alkalinity, which reverses disease and enables the body to thrive.

Stress is a form of one of the destructive emotions arising from fear, anger, jealousy, etc. It has been proven time and time again that stress will wreak havoc on the body over time or even in an instant, as with fatal heart attacks. It causes hair to gray over time and even overnight. I often need to remind myself to chill out if I am late getting somewhere because this unnecessary stress will only worsen my day. I’ve gone through breakups and experienced the kind of stress that made me sick, yet I attained an instant state of harmony once I realized I no longer needed to please anyone but myself. A close friend of mine was recently killed in a work-related accident, yet I feel more connected to him and his family even though he is no longer in the physical realm. I’ve learned more about myself through his death and know that stressing over his death would be a hindrance to the well-being of myself and others.

Woman smiles as the sun sets while laying on grass

Harmony, on the other hand, comes from positive emotions such as love, desire and enthusiasm. Like fresh organic fruits and vegetables, these constructive emotions supply the body and mind with the building blocks required to prosper. If fresh fruits, providing us with key nutrition, comes in the form of great taste that keeps us wanting more, surely positive emotions come in the form of great feelings, which contribute to personal growth and keep us coming back for more. Great feelings indicate we are on the right track to continue whatever it is we are doing and to prepare us to receive. As for bad feelings, I like to see them as a warning to take immediate action, like they do in the movies.

I find it beneficial to do a self-analysis every now and then to determine what my dominating emotion is because it reminds me to habitually use positive emotions. Of another great benefit is for a close friend or loved one to perform the analysis and compare results with my own to see how honest I am in my analysis. I have been surprised more than once after realizing my dominating emotions were actually negative! This is why it is important to be in touch with your feelings and get into the habit of applying positive emotions because the dominating emotions will either make you or break you even if you understand the process. Several great self-analysis questions can be found online and in books by well-known authors.


The principles behind quantum physics basically tell us that everything is made up of vibration, including thought, which is composed of different frequencies. It has been scientifically proven that a positive-thought frequency, if held in the mind long enough and backed with emotion, will produce positive results while a negative frequency will produce negative results. Aimless thoughts, while not positive or negative per se, usually result in an indifferent personality and are the product of negative emotion such as fear.

I would like to share two examples I have experienced from the power of thought, starting with the most recent, involving a concrete floor I am about to prepare for finishing. When I found the type of finish I wanted to apply to the floor, I realized a thorough cleaning was needed and visualized how I wanted the floor to look (which I’m still doing). Out of the blue, a family friend who I don’t see very often stopped by and surprised me by giving me a power washer as I was starting the previous paragraph!

Composition of human profile and fractal forms on the subject of inner reality, mental health, imagination, thinking and dreaming

The day before my 33rd birthday, my dog, River, freaked out during a thunderstorm and took off running. There was nothing I could do at that point but send out positive thought energy for her safe return. The following morning, I posted ads on Craigslist’s lost-and-found and pet sections. A couple of hours later, I received a reply from an e-mail address I recognized from a friend I hadn’t seen in about 10 years whose sister-in-law saw River running up the road about 3 miles from here and took her home. Her mom found the Craigslist ad the next morning and read it to my friend. Indeed to say, it was quite a birthday present to see my friend for the first time in a long time with River at my front door!

When looking back at a particular situation, try to recall thoughts and feelings experienced prior to the situation and there will most likely be a pattern between positive thoughts and experiences and vice versa. If you want something, ask for it, back it with emotion and allow yourself to receive when the opportunity comes. The universe is always listening whether you know it or not, so be conscious of what you are thinking and feeling in the present because you will get its physical equivalent in return. If you are in a state of love, you will experience more love. If you are in a state of worry, you will experience circumstances associated with that worry. As a former headmaster of mine used to say, attitude is everything!

The high-tension wires that run by my house may give off electromagnetic waves, but I have been awestruck by these looming giants and have come to embrace them, for they electrify me! With that being said, don’t be surprised if I trigger that light bulb in your head! Mind may be the ultimate culprit, but it is not the Wizard behind the curtain, for that is you.

This completes my series of articles on the four causes of disease, which I would like to dedicate to my good friend, Chip Huntoon, an avid entrepreneur and passionate outdoorsman, a prime example of someone who was the master of his fate, the captain of his soul.

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