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Four Causes of Disease and How Health Can Be Achieved

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As soon as my questions as to where disease came from were answered, I had questions on how these diseases could be fixed, and these were answered as well. I have come up with a list of four basic items ranging from the least to the most significant cause of disease. While one item may be the culprit, multiple items can have an influence on illness. This is a very simple summary of the answers to the questions I had throughout the years, so do not be surprised if this article further piques your curiosity. My words are basically expressions of personal experiences in their simplest form and are not to be taken as a “one-size-for-all” approach because, as with everything else, truth is always evolving.


This is one of the most blamed culprits when it comes to disease when, in reality, it is the least anybody needs to worry about. Simply put, genetics comes last in this basic list of items that cause disease, but it plays a larger factor only if the following three items on the list are not addressed. As cruel as this may sound, it is also the excuse a lot of people go to in order to place fault on something other than themselves. Just because your father and grandfather had heart disease doesn’t mean you will have it, too. Even having a grandmother stricken with breast cancer followed by your mother’s being afflicted with the same disease doesn’t necessarily mean you are doomed.

Digital illustration of DNA

Even if genetics plays a large role in health, there is not much you can do about it on your own other than what is mentioned below. Don’t worry about what may be coded into your genes because, unlike popular belief, you have much control over your health. Instead, relax and move on, knowing that you can now take control of your health.


Chemtrails criss-crossing a blue sky

Many thanks to chemtrails, we are now left with a sky that is not quite blue. Hats off to genetic engineering for producing roses that are an artificial red. A huge pat on the back to energy companies for managing to dry up water sources. Environmental factors are broad and can range from work conditions (coal mining, chemical production, conventional farming) to living surroundings (smog, industrialized areas, household chemicals) and anywhere in between (swimming pools, lawn mowing, painting).

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy a dip in the pool or take a stab at painting that white picket fence, especially if you look and feel healthy, but definitely give these things a second thought if your health appears to be declining. Question the health effects of household products such as laundry detergent and cleaning supplies as well as most topical applications such as soaps, shampoos and deodorants.

Consider the working environment of your occupation, especially if you work a typical 40-hour week. Take immediate action if you have a life-threatening condition such as treating yourself to a tropical location or warm mountain retreat, where you can get away from all the pollution and indulge in fresh air. This may mean a permanent or semi-permanent move if the options are limited—you and your body deserve more than just a one- or two-week vacation. Sometimes, all a body needs to rejuvenate is peace and quiet along with sunshine, as long as the cell phone and sunscreen remain at home. If a plant does not get light, it will eventually wither and die. The same applies to humans.

Air pollution hangs over the Happy Valley district of Hong Kong Island


Based on my research, a plant-based diet is the best diet to enable healing. Usually, diet has a larger influence over environment, but not always. Sometimes, they go hand in hand. What should be quite simple is actually mind-boggling because of all the conflicting information out there. From what I have seen, this is the easiest factor to work with because you are in charge of what you eat and drink, regardless of the cause of your thoughts or beliefs.

When hot dogs were first produced, “actors” were paid to dress up as doctors and to buy and eat hot dogs in public for people to think that if doctors ate them, then they must be healthy. As a result, a few decades passed before the public understood the health effects of hot dogs. Still, not much has changed these days because actors are still paid to play doctors in order to deceive the public. Once the public finally catches up with the health hazards of a particular product that has taken decades to prove, another product, which is just as bad—if not worse—comes on the market, thus repeating the events. This adds to the difficulty of figuring out what is good and what isn’t.

Korey Constable picks blueberries in a lush field
Korey Constable picks blueberries in a lush green field.

The key here is to refer to nature and eat what it provides for us in the form of organic, raw, plant-based whole foods. Diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s, arthritis, etc. are simply caused by toxicity, the results of consuming too much processed food, animal products and not enough of the organic, raw, plant-based kind. Stay away from products containing ingredients that are not natural and/or cannot be pronounced. In critical situations, a juice or water fast may be necessary to enable the body to use its energy to clean itself. The body cannot survive, let alone thrive if it spends most of its energy digesting and storing more toxins than it is assimilating nutrients and eliminating toxins.

There is evidence of people living past 200 without any health problems, looking half their age. Imagine the economical ramifications if the majority of civilization decided all at once to eat a plant-based diet, thus healing themselves and thriving without medical intervention!


The best genetics in the best environment along with the best diet will not keep illness away if the mind is not addressed because it can fill up with garbage that it cannot process. If thoughts and feelings can be destructive enough to kill, they can be powerful enough to heal. Mental stress causes an acidic reaction in the body, and enough acidity will destroy the body. Joy and relaxation create more alkalinity in the body, thus helping one thrive.

Meditation on a lake on a sunny day

Regardless of the cause of disease, stress is always involved. Even the word “disease” tends to cause discomfort to many. In some cases, the word alone is the cause itself. Here is an icebreaker: Use a hyphen in the word so that it now reads “dis-ease.” Now you have a word that doesn’t sound so stressful—a word that simply means a body that is “not at ease.”

There are many ways to make the transition from the state of stress to joy, but I have found that exercise, creative processes as well as constant meditation keeps me in a state of happiness. The exercises that I do are actually a result of having fun, and I feel that the basic purpose of life is to create. Constant meditation is my personalized trash truck—it’s got all the options and features I like, helping me to open up my mind. Everybody’s got their own personalized trash truck, which is always ready to go on request.

Genetics is a done deal. Diet and environment come and go. Mind is the present.

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