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Improving Your External Environment

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Now that the causes of disease from the indoor environment has been covered, this month’s article focuses on causes from the external environment and concludes the topic on environmental factors derived from the July article. Once again, what I discuss here is based on personal experience, and I strongly suggest one do his or her own research to discover facts for themselves. Be advised that truth hardly ever stands still!

More than 100 years ago, fresh air and sunshine came without any fine print. Water came without any strings attached. These days, one must accept that results may vary before stepping outside. One must also accept that water is hard to obtain without a price tag attached to the container it is in, the contract that is agreed on or the body that consumes it. Supposedly, this is called progress. I call it insanity.

Let’s face it, we live in an industrialized world that is wreaking havoc on the environment we all live in. Rather than placing blame and expecting the problem to be fixed, I will disclose several causes of outdoor environmental dis-ease and what can be done to attain a state of health. The choice of health can be yours!


Light pollution at night viewed from a car in slow-capture photographic mode
All story photos by Korey Constable.

Vehicles may give off a lot less pollution that they did 40 years ago but still account for a good percentage of environmental pollution, ranging from carbon monoxide to sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. If one takes into consideration what occurs during the manufacturing, maintenance and disposal processes, it is easy to realize how transportation alone can cause major health hazards.

I will not even bother to mention a remedy for health issues related to this category, for it is obvious what one would need to do to heal. Instead, I will contribute my ideas on what you can do to help improve environmental conditions, and buying a hybrid or even an electric car is not one of them! As a matter of fact, steer clear (no pun intended) of hybrids, which have reliability problems, give off high levels of electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, and are not that great on gas for the amount of work that go into these cars. I am not even a big fan of electric cars, which put out even more EMFs and are nowhere near as efficient as they could be. Parts, especially the batteries on these cars, are expensive and require periodic replacement. The way I look at it, they are basically as environmentally friendly as a Hummer, which, at least, don’t make you sick directly! Unless you have the time, money, knowledge and don’t mind the politics, I would recommend you get a bicycle, unless you want to take up running.

Seriously, if you are interested in more environmentally friendly methods without giving up daily convenience, you could always look into alternative fuels that do not use up natural resources such as vegetable oils, which are run in diesel engines. There have even been claims of using water as fuel and vehicles powered by magnetic forces. Just be aware that Big Oil want us to rely on it and don’t like it when people figure out cheaper and cleaner alternatives.

Electromagnetic Fields

Utility pole and wires visible behind trees

If you are reading this from one of the 48 lower states in the United States, chances are you are most likely close to one of the more than 1.7 million cell phone towers scattered throughout the continental U.S. I read in an article about 10 years ago that 8 miles is considered a safe distance from a cell phone tower, yet there are very few populated places in this country that are not close to one of these towers. They give off frequencies that disrupt the natural electrical charge of all living beings, causing physical stress in one of many forms that can lead to death, as may be the case with honeybees. Even high-voltage power lines give off EMFs in varying degrees as well as wi-fi signals. Then there are microwave towers. Yikes.

A friend of mine lived in New York City for about 20 years before moving back to a semi-rural location in the Philadelphia area after experiencing health problems due to extreme wireless signals. She regained full health shortly after her relocation, which is all it took. Surely, there are many others out there experiencing similar health issues without a clue why or what to do about it.

Aside from relocating, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and help restore your health. Several websites offer a search that will display the cell phone towers in your area and their legal owners. Several remedies such as Himalayan salt lamps and crystals were mentioned in last month’s Words of Experience article under EMFs. Another solution is to install EMF shields in your home, which can be installed on or inside the walls and ceilings or applied on like paint. Keep in mind this will affect cell phone reception if it doesn’t block it completely, which is, of course, what we all want, right?

Light Pollution

The difference between the night sky in the city as opposed to the mountains is vast. Light bounces off the haze created by smog in urbanized areas, interfering with our sleep rhythms. The only thing that lights up a mountain sky aside from the moon is the stars, which seem to dot the sky by the millions without interfering with sleep. What good is the body’s ability to recharge and heal if it does not get proper sleep in total darkness, aside from the moon, which is supposed to trigger the body to rest? The body is meant to be in harmony with the rhythm of the moon’s phase and position—even the light of the moon (which we know comes from the sun) on the skin and eyes provides the body with healing energy. However, light pollution can put a damper on that.

Sleep mask covers the eyes of Deanna Husk

To ensure full rest, which enables the body to efficiently use its energy to heal, seal your sleeping area from light, similar to how you would a darkroom. Treat your body as a piece of film so that it can develop properly. Look into sleep masks and light-blocking curtains and blinds. If you must have a clock, a ceiling-projected clock will display time without bouncing light into your eyes. Get over your fear of the dark and bid farewell to your night light unless you want end up like overexposed film. Get used to making your way to the toilet in darkness and work on perfecting your aim if you are a guy or refrain from drinking water at night.


For those of you who are not aware of chemtrails, they are basically very long contrails left behind by high-altitude jet aircraft that seem to turn into clouds. Out of all the factors listed, this is the least-known in the general public, even though these are highly visible. Theories range from weather modification to biological warfare to the spreading of genetically modified crops. Whatever the theory, they are the reason why our blue skies have been replaced by dull haze, why trees and other vegetation seem diseased and are one of the reasons why people are getting sick. Aluminum, lead, mercury, strontium, arsenic and barium are one of the many confirmed particles found in chemtrail fallouts. If that alone is not enough to convince you that something is amok, observe the sky and see for yourself, noting the differences in physical traits left behind by aircraft.

Fortunately, there are devices you can buy and build yourself to help combat chemtrails. One is called the Chembuster and utilizes several materials such as copper pipes and crystals. Another is called the Purviance Pyramid, which supposedly produces positive results for its users, who claim to experience increased air quality, a rise in the honeybee population as well as no visible signs of chemtrails.

Chemtrails criss-cross a blue sky with trees in view


The most deceiving factor out of this list, believe it or not, is dressed up as a happy farmer in a straw hat riding a red tractor in front of his little silo with all the animals frolicking about, when in reality agriculture, or the more appropriately named agribusiness, are not all that much different from the generalized image we all have of large, smoky factories. Animal agribusiness makes our prisons look like country clubs, and I mean this in the lightest way possible.

For starters, pesticides and unnatural fertilizers, if they don’t get absorbed by the crops or soil, end up becoming part of the water runoff that eventually ends up in freshwater areas such as rivers and lakes, some of which feed into the public water supply. The stuff that does get into the soil contaminates the groundwater, which is basically the only “free” water source we have left. And this is all after being sprayed in the air. I won’t even waste space mentioning the effects of genetically modified crops or drugs that go into agriculture.

Corn grows in a field

More than 50 percent of greenhouse gases, believe it or not, do not come from vehicles, nor do they come from factories, but animal agriculture, which is the No. 1 source of methane emissions. It is the largest user of fresh water, grains and oats. It is also the primary cause of deforestation and makes up most of the land used for agriculture. In about 50 years, the United States will become a giant desert if we continue to eat animals.

The solution is simple but may not be easy, and that is to eat more plant-based foods while cutting back on and, at best, eliminating animal products. Not only would this reverse just about any disease, it would reverse the environmental destruction caused by eating animals if most of the population did this. Animal products are not essential for survival and impair the body’s ability to thrive. It would not be unwise to stop consuming animal products altogether, especially if you have a life-threatening condition.

Obviously, not everything is listed above, so please use common sense and keep in mind there is no substitute for fresh air, sunshine and clean, natural water. So if you feel your health is in danger due to your environment, please take the necessary steps to relocate to a healthier environment. Come to think of it, I see chemtrails on a regular basis and live in a high-traffic area just under the approach and departure paths of the Philadelphia airspace by a pesticide-laden golf course separated by the four large sets of high-tension wire towers that run by my house, surrounded by at least 265 cell phone antennas within a 4-mile radius, the Philadelphia skyline looming just beyond the treetops. Fortunately for me, the results may vary.

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