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Revealing the Sweet Truth about Fruit

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Insight from Natural Health Leaders - Lessons from the Orchard by Dr. David Klein - Fruit-Powered

The Creator gave us a “sweet tooth” for good reasons:

Sugar is the one and only fuel of each and every one of our cells! Our cells run on glucose—not fat and not protein. Our muscles cannot move unless their cells are stoked with glucose. We need sugar—not refined white sugar—sugar from whole fruits and vegetables to be healthy.

When we eat sweet whole foods, we are rewarded for obeying our sense of taste—we feel good, we nourish and fuel up our bodies, we support the maintenance of alkaline balance and we help the planet. The natural order of life calls for humans to eat diets of mostly sweet raw fruits!

Humans have a symbiotic relationship with fruits. That is, we are natural partners in the web of life with delectable fruits. We enjoy the deliciousness of fruits, disperse the seeds and perpetuate life on our planet.

Red cherries grow from a tree with water drops glistening

Biologically, humans are frugivores! We do best on a fruit-based (fruitarian) diet, which includes vegetables and minimal amounts of raw seeds and nuts. Whole fruits, vegetables, squashes and tubers have good sugar, packaged with a plethora of life-sustaining nutrients.

The Devil gave us refined white sugar for bad reasons: 

To pervert our senses and destroy our health with seductively sweet, nutrient-bereft junk, and to ruin the ecology of our planet.

Fear no sugar from whole raw and lightly steamed foods
from the orchard and garden. 

Fear no ripe sweet fruit!

Key Points For Winning Arguments With Sugarophobics and Fruitophobics

  • Sugar is our cells’ only fuel. For driving our physiological functions, the cells only use the sugar molecule known as glucose. The body converts other forms of sugar (fructose, maltose, sucrose, etc.) to glucose.
  • Fearing fruit is a tragic mistake. We should no more fear fruit than we should fear putting high-octane gasoline in our automobile’s gas tank! Our cells run on sugar, and sweet raw fruits are the premium source!

Mix of fresh fruits in a wicker bascket

  • Fruits average 90 percent water. That’s 90 percent water, not 90 percent sugar! We cannot credibly say that such a diluted sugary food package gives us “too much sugar.” If we eat two to three fully satisfying fruit-based meals a day, we will generally be sustained with enough calories to perform all our daily tasks with vigorous energy. No, that is not “too much sugar.” And no, we do not have to eat sweet fruit all day to feel satisfied and get enough calories. On a fruit-based diet anchored with bananas, no one starves, and soon we feel satisfied and more alive.

This article is an excerpt from The Alkalizing Cleanse and the Alkalizing Diet Plan.

  • Constitutionally, or biologically, as confirmed by our anatomy and physiology, and the high vitality and lack of pathology of modern fruit eaters, we are frugivores. That means that humans are designed to thrive on a diet of mostly fruits. Our natural diet is a fruitarian diet comprising primarily sweet fruits plus vegetables and minimal amounts of raw seeds and nuts.
  • Our olfactory senses lead us to fragrant ripe fruits above all other food aromas.
  • Our visual sense of aesthetics is drawn to beautiful ripe fruits above all other foods.
  • Our hands are designed to pluck ripe fruits.

Cheerful young woman looking at bunch of red grapes

  • Our fingers are designed to peel ripe fruits.
  • Our mouth’s taste buds are most responsive to and our senses are most attracted to the sweet foods offered up by nature.
  • Our teeth are designed to cleave and mash soft fruit pulp. We don’t have flesh-ripping canine teeth as do wild carnivores. Our two tiny “canine” teeth will not do the job—that term is a misnomer!
  • Our mouth is designed to handle water-rich whole foods. We are not designed to drink water, as meat and grain eaters need.
  • Our stomach is designed to gently mix light loads of watery food and release meals unnoticeably within an hour.
  • Our stomach is not designed to handle diets with heavy meals of mostly fatty, high-protein foods, which necessitates hours of secretion of hydrochloric acid and acidic pepsin enzyme, and churning. Fatty and high-protein meals are retained in the stomach for hours, resulting in putrefaction, gas, acidosis and, in some cases, hyper-acidity, acid reflux, inflammation and, potentially, cancer. A constantly hyper-acidic stomach engenders coarse emotions, unhappiness and aberrant behaviors.

Portrait photograph of a young woman suffering from abdominal pain

  • Our digestive glands have limited ability to digest foods. Our mineral stores become depleted, and we become fatigued if the digestive organs are forced to secrete alkaline and acid digestive enzymes all day long, as necessitated by starchy, fatty, high-protein diets.
  • Our small intestine is very long, about 20 feet, and our large intestine (the colon) is about 5 feet long. They are both convoluted, which makes them suited to handle watery digesta and not dry and bulky food masses. Carnivores have straight and much shorter intestines, enabling the efficient elimination of tough, low-water-content, bulky animal parts. Fatty and high-protein meals transit the small intestine of humans very slowly, leading to fermentation, putrefaction, constipation, toxemia and a host of debilitating and potentially deadly diseases such as intestinal prolapses, inflammatory bowel diseases, hemorrhoids, cancer, etc.
  • Our excrement when eating a simple fruit-based diet is nonoffensive and nontoxic, as it should be with the world’s most highly developed, elegant beings. And we experience no body odors if we do not overeat or mix nuts and seeds with sweet fruits. Fruitarians who eat correctly have clean bodies. Starch, fat and protein food eaters have dirty bodies with repulsively foul odors. Our pristine senses lead us to enjoy fresh-smelling, clean bodies of the opposite sex.

A bride and groom eat large watermelon slices while sitting on a blanket on grass

  • Ripe fruits offer simple carbohydrates which require little or no digestion. They are easily absorbed for delivery to our cells within an hour. Complex carbohydrate foods (e.g., grains and white potatoes) require cooking, they take several hours to digest, they rarely digest completely and often ferment and cause illness, they typically raise blood sugar levels higher than do sweet juicy fruit meals, and they constipate the bowels. Because sweet, ripe, water-rich, organic, whole fruits require very little digestive action and are 100 percent toxin-free, the body does not have to expend much energy to metabolize their nutrients and eliminate their residues, and we gain energy from them most efficiently.
  • A diet of mostly ripe, sweet fruits, rounded out with vegetables and small amounts of avocado, seeds and nuts, averages the caloronutrient ratio that has been demonstrated to be optimal for human health and longevity—80 percent carbohydrates (minimum), 10 percent protein (maximum) and 10 percent fat (maximum)—as revealed in studies by Dr. T. Colin Campbell (former nutrition professor at Cornell University and co-author of Diet, Nutrition and Cancer and The China Study), heart specialist Dean Ornish, M.D., and Douglas Graham, D.C., author of The 80/10/10 Diet.
  • The cells can derive fuel (calories) from three caloronutrient sources: carbohydrate, protein and fat. If the body is forced to get most or all of its calories from fatty and high-protein foods, it will have to convert fat and protein to glucose. That is a very slow, energy-consuming process that produces a high acid-waste load that tears down our health. Those who adopt and maintain a plant-based “80–10–10 diet” generally reverse disease and enhance their longevity. Those who eat diets with greater percentages of protein and fat generally succumb to acidosis, accelerated aging, physical and mental degeneration and the killer diseases endemic to modern Western cultures.
  • Babies have not been corrupted by modern heat-processed, cultural foods. They instinctively go for sweet, watery mother’s milk, which is about 7 percent sugar, 4 percent fat, 1 percent protein and 88 percent water (weight-wise)—nearly the same composition as sweet juicy fruits. Infants’ pristine senses tell them which kind of food is best. Do young adults, teenagers and adults need more protein than a growing infant? Certainly not! Numerous infants have been observed to thrive beautifully when weaned on their preferred natural first whole food choice: sweet, raw fruit.

A young boy eats a banana

  • Our sensorial acuity, emotional sensitivity and abilities to experience the sensations that make feel truly alive are heightened on a fruitarian diet. A fruitarian diet is the key to a profound bio-spiritual knowing, peace, poise and contentment.
  • Fruits are brain foods. They energize and enhance our mental faculties because they supply an abundance of nutrients and do not require a huge, energy-draining digestive process and waste clean-up effort. Their high-water content promotes the fastest conductance of nerve impulses and neural function—we think more clearly and quickly. Our mental powers operate at peak, vibrant levels of energy and performance when we eat water-rich, fruit-based diets. Our consciousness is most expansive, and we are most spiritually aware when we eat mostly fruit. Their proteins trigger the release of feel-good hormones in the bloodstream, making us happy. We need less sleep and can be more productive on a fruit-based diet.
  • The sugars in raw, ripe, non-GMO foods are in no way harmful. Fruit sugar is nontoxic and nonallergenic, and it does not cause cancer or candida. It is unnatural foods that cause illness. Yes, all sugars feed the bacteria and candida yeast in the gut, but they do not cause overgrowths of those microorganisms or cause the growth of cancer cells. The cause of intestinal bacteria and candida overgrowths and cancer cells is constipating, mostly undigestible, acid-forming, toxic diets based in cooked starches and meat—those foods clog up and acidify the bowels with digesta that becomes food for bacteria, yeast and mold, generating virulent toxins that add to the body’s toxemic load and can cause cancer. In other words, starchy, fatty and high-protein foods hang around in the gut for days and rot (ferment and putrefy) by the action of microorganisms whose natural job is to feast on their nutrients, break them down and breed. Stop the cause of the bacteria yeast and mold overgrowths while eating a vegan fruit-based diet, and health will be restored. In many cases, cancer cells can perish and be eliminated on an alkalizing fruit-and-vegetable diet. After cleaning out your bowels, sweet fruit eating will become joyful. No one ever got candida from a raw vegan diet of mostly sweet, water-rich fruits. Dried fruits can cause problems as well as eating sweet fruits with fatty foods (e.g., nuts and seeds)—eliminate those foods to restore health, and then eat them in moderation.
A small jackfruit grows on a tree
Jackfruit grows from a tree.
  • Juicy fruits can trigger diarrhea. This is the body’s wise self-purification action. We want the body to get rid of the toxic rubbish it was harboring. After a few days of cleaning out on a fruit-and-vegetable diet, the bowels will be rid of the toxic stool matter, we’ll feel better and diarrhea will cease. Diarrhea will continue only under unhealthful eating habits: eating highly undigestible foods and toxic items (such as meat, fried foods, refined flour products, candy, coffee, spices, etc.), and eating incompatible food combinations (e.g., eating sweet fruits with starchy, fatty, high-protein foods, and eating fatty and/or high-protein foods with starchy foods).
  • An excess of fatty foods slows down nerve impulses and neural activity, making dull thinkers and lethargic people with low mental and physical energy. Our brains and mental powers operate at low, dulled levels when the bloodstream and other bodily fluids are thickened with fatty fluids and the byproducts or starch fermentation (alcohol and vinegar). Fat is an insulator. Excess fat in the body slows down electrical and neural impulses. Overeating on fat slows down electrical and neural impulses and, as a result, all physiological functions, and this stifles our consciousness.
  • Fatty foods and high-proteins foods are inherently acid-forming. They acidify the blood, forcing the body to extract alkalizing minerals from the bones and other cells to maintain the alkaline pH required for life. This causes acidosis, osteoporosis, accelerated aging and disease.

Walnuts whole and shelled with leaves

  • A fat-based diet of mostly meats results in inner turmoil, destructive behaviors and physical and mental degeneration.
  • People in meat-based cultures are generally unmindful and uncompassionate. Those who condone the killing of animals have lost touch with their humanity. This cultural trait is responsible for all of the wars and other turmoil that most of the world is constantly embroiled in.
  • Blood-sugar levels rise higher after eating meals of complex carbohydrate foods (grains, bread, pasta, white potatoes, taro) than from eating meals of juicy fruits.
  • Diets with meals combining complex carbohydrates and fatty foods set up diabetes. The fat impedes the cellular uptake of sugar in the bloodstream, causing the pancreas to overwork, forcing it to secrete more insulin than it is capable of producing, thereby ruining its functionality. Fruit does not cause diabetes. In fact, the American Diabetes Association recommends eating fresh sweet fruits.
  • Dr. Doug Graham flexes his biceps outsideDr. Herbert M. Shelton, Dr. V. Virginia Vetrano, Dr. O.L.M. Abramowski, Dr. T.C. Fry, Dr. Douglas Graham, Dr. Timothy Trader, Dr. Robert Sniadach, myself and a few others have all thrived on and derived superior results with patients and clients who ate whole foods diets of mostly raw fruit.
  • Ultra-marathoners Morris Krok and Michael Arnstein, and tennis champion Martina Navratilova have all accomplished great athletic feats on raw, fruit-based diets.
  • Famous fruitarians—big thinkers and high achievers include:
    • Leonardo Da Vinci
    • Henry David Throreau
    • Mahatma Gandhi
    • O.L.M. Abramowski, M.D.
    • Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
    • Steve Jobs

How to Eat Sweet Fruit

1. Exercise beforehand. Eating fruit (or any food) when we have no cellular need for the sugar and other nutrients can lead to metabolic problems. We need to create the need for nutrients (true hunger) by exercising.

2. Clean out with water beforehand (10 minutes or more before eating). A clean alimentary canal will promote optimal digestion; a soiled alimentary canal leads to fermentation of fruit sugars, mucus production, indigestion and food drunkenness or fatigue.

3. Eat sweet fruits alone or combine them only with greens, celery and/or cucumbers (except melons—eat them alone). Sweet fruits digest and need to assimilate quickly. Sweet fruits (except melons) digest well with only the “neutral” green foods (i.e., foods that are low in protein or starch and therefore do not require a long time for digestion in the stomach).

4. Do not eat sweet fruit on a full stomach or with starchy, fatty and high-protein meals, which require hours of digestion in the stomach. After eating nuts, seeds or starchy vegetables or cooked food, wait until the next morning to have your next fruit meal.

A woman holds a blender container of green smoothie

5. Eat sweet fruits with greens, celery and/or cucumbers to mitigate overeating of sweet fruits (if you have such a problem). Rather than filling up on the sweet fruits, eat a small portion of them, then some of the green foods; alternate handfuls or eat together as desired. This will help every body detoxify and rid bacterial and yeast overgrowths, which thrive only in an acidic, constipated bowel environments. Fruit-and-greens smoothies do a body good!

Fruits and seeds, the noblest and highest products of plant life, form the most luscious and compact representation of condensed sunlight, the highest accumulation of vital energy. They are the perfect foods for man.

—O.L.M. Abramowski, M.D., Fruit Can Heal You!

Let go of unfounded beliefs,
befriend fruit every day,
and live up to your frugivorous heritage,
and the fruits of life will be yours!”

—David Klein, Ph.D.

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