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Rebecca Rosenberg is photographed on Days 13 and 426 of her raw food journey

Rebecca Rosenberg’s Top 8 Tips for Transitioning to a Raw Food Diet

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Rebecca Rosenberg shares her Top 8 Tips for Transitioning to a Raw Food Diet. “If you are just beginning your raw vegan transition, here is my transition advice to get through the first few months successfully,” she says. Rebecca is a raw vegan fruitarian multiple sclerosis warrior who chooses to do everything in her power to fight and survive against “incurable” diseases. So far, she’s winning!

Rebecca is on Facebook daily (personal profile and Texas Fruitarian page) and Instagram occasionally and keeps her profile public for anyone who desires to follow. She enjoys posting food pictures with recipes, truth bombs, motivational life lessons, humor and healing journey updates.

1. Stay full at all times! When you’re new to fully raw, go ahead and eat more often and in larger quantities than usual. If you have to push yourself a little, do that. Just don’t ever allow yourself to be hungry or feel deprived in the beginning. This will even out within a few months, but it’s very important to work around all mental blocks immediately like fear of starvation or deficiency. The psychological transition is even more difficult than the physical.

Headshot of Rebecca Rosenberg2. You might lose your appetite completely at times while the body detoxes. That’s OK. Go with it. When animals are sick in the wild, their bodies tell them to fast. This is normal.

3. Do whatever you have to do to stay fully raw without cheats. If fat content needs to increase or lots of dehydrated foods like kale chips are craved, that’s OK. Stay fully raw and use the raw junk food as a transition to stay on track if you must. Just understand that this isn’t the ideal goal. The body will tell you when it’s ready to let that go and focus on fresh produce.

4. Plan meals in advance and prepare. It will become second nature eventually, but, at first, it takes conscious thought and intention. Not every meal is fancy. Most days are simple. Save the extravagant stuff for special occasions like weekends and holidays. Otherwise, keep it simple! It must be affordable and sustainable to become your lifestyle.

5. Aim for and work up to 80 percent of your total calories from fruit and get them in first in the day. Eat nonsweet fruits and veggies and, especially, fats late in the day. Always eat ripe fruit. Always eat melons alone.

6. Consume a colorful variety! Stay engaged in the abundance and creative possibilities. This isn’t a lifestyle of restriction. It is liberation.

A collage of raw food dishes

7. No matter how clean we are prior to the transition, we will still go through some detox symptoms. Be ready for energy spikes and crashes like a roller coaster and manifestations of detox like pimples and flulike symptoms. It’s not comfortable, but remember that it is very temporary and worth the effort.

8. Write down all your reasons and goals for wanting to go fully raw. When the mind goes through detox, it might try to convince you that you’re special and healthy, and fully raw is only for sick people, not you. Chemical addiction to cooked food is a very real thing. Read your written-down reasons for going fully raw every single day and before every single meal if you have to. Never forget your reasons for choosing this lifestyle, even if it’s short term. The body’s voice will not scream as loudly as your addiction’s voice. You’ll be able to hear the difference eventually even if you can’t at first.

“Thank you for your interest in the lifestyle,” Rebecca says. “I hope I have given you some clarification on what has been working for me. I wish you health, happiness and gratitude on your journey.”

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