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Obesity Impossible on Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

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Whereas diets don’t work in the long run, lifestyle improvement detailed throughout Creating Healthy Children offers lifelong health benefits. The life in our foods communicates with the life in us, but, unfortunately, this vital aspect is lost once foods are processed. White, refined foods are addictive—we always want more in an effort to find that spark of life that has been removed from these foods, ironically to give them shelf life.

Parents reading Creating Healthy Children are most likely not to have obese children because they are already aware of the health-promoting aspects of fresh fruits and vegetables. When food is whole, ripe, fresh and organic, it not only contains vitamins and minerals that satisfy us, in addition to the essential fiber that keeps us full, but it isn’t an incapacitating, full feeling as after the standard Thanksgiving dinner. Feeling full on fresh foods is being free of hunger and satisfied—energetic.

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The fiber in all fresh vegan foods—animal foods have none—has powerful cleansing benefits. When food is refined, processed, denatured in packages, it no longer has the aforementioned characteristics intact, and the eater will not be satisfied in the long run, remaining hungry. In an attempt to obtain the essential nutrients, there will always be a craving for more, but refined foods will always lack what the body needs, and overeating of nutritionally empty foods ensues.

The results of such “empty” eating habits are vitamin and mineral deficiencies and obesity, which is not only unaesthetic but lays the groundwork for myriad diseases.

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