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Mewsum Wong smiles while standing on a nature path

Mewsum Wong’s Top 5 Tips for That Rawesome-Awesome You!

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Mewsum Wong shares her Top 5 Tips for That Rawesome-Awesome You! Mewsum is the new darling of raw food in Asia. She is an advocate and solicitor by profession and is the founder of the largest natural, plant-based foods movement in Asia called Raw Food Asia. Mewsum works with the government of Brunei to promote health and encourage the consumption of fruits and vegetables for health.

With more than 62,350 fans on her Facebook group, Raw Food Asia, she is bringing the raw food movement in Asia to greater heights. Don’t forget to check out Raw Food Asia for regular updates on all that is fruity. Some of the most famous health aficionados on earth are members, too! E-mail Mewsum.

1. Animals are blessed in that they pick and eat the ripest, freshest fruits and vegetables. This should serve as an indication to you and me of what is the optimum way to have your food. Where possible, try and pick your produce and devour it as soon as it ripens in season for nutrition density. Stay true to what happens in nature. Emulate it.

2. The sun is your best friend. Greet this consort often. Take in its warm glow and feel good. The evolution of skin colour centers on man’s adaptation to the sun in tropical or temperate climates. Such is the reliance of this health-giving golden circumference of goodness in the sky.

Mewsum Wong holds a coconut

3. Bugs, worms and critters are not always a bad sign in your fruits and vegetables. People are quick to dismiss whole batches of apples, for example, because some are contaminated with little wiggly creatures. The presence of such can mean that pesticides are not used, and the plant may thus yield a higher nutritional content to you. Remember, they are only fellow frugivirious organisms and won’t snack on you. Supermarkets love to discombobulate the lay person by retailing fruit as organic and then waxing them to prolong their life, so have more trust in what is unprocessed and imperfect.

4. Exercise is a measure of how your diet has impacted you. Get moving, get active and test yourself. It need not be an ultramarathon or a swim across a lake, but it can be in the form of any fun activity or sport that sparks your imagination and tickles your fancy. Why watch it on TV when you can do it? Be the action, feel the excitement and turn that sports channel off.

5. Travel as much as you can, as far as you can and for as long as you can. Life is not meant to be lived in one place. The rooted plants depend on your mobility to spread their precious seeds. The world is a big, beautiful place filled with wild, weird and wonderful fruits that beckon you to come to them. Try as many as you can in their natural milieu. Meet and greet different faces, races, cultures and civilizations. Teach and be taught wisdom, love and the union of all to one mother earth in nourishment.

Mewsum Wong holds a large durian

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