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Mark Tassi photographs himself and others in Cambodia

Mark Tassi’s Top 10 Tips for Health

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Mark Tassi shares his Top 10 Tips for health. He has followed a plant-based diet for more than 25 years. Mark is an avid cyclist and fruit eater. His YouTube channel and blog feature a variety of health and fitness topics.

1. Stay positive. Mistakes are often the best teachers.

2. Never give up. Thoroughly resolve to live the life that you know to be best. Never stop learning what isbest from your own experience and from the experiences of others.

3. Stay active. One can never really attain maximum vitality while remaining idle physically or mentally.

4. Listen to your body. Your body knows far more about your needs than your mind ever will. Develop your intuition and be guided by it.

5. Balance is key. Sweet and savory tastes exist for a reason, and the desire for both is natural, ensuring that the body’s needs are met. A variety of fruits of all categories, sweet and nonsweet, as well as a variety of greens throughout the year will insure that one’s nutritional needs are met and will minimize cravings for unnatural foods.

Mark Tassi is photographed on a street corner in Cambodia

6. Cravings usually signify a need. If you are craving savory or salty foods, it is usually a need for minerals, particularly sodium. Eat greens, celery and nonsweet fruits. If you are craving sweet, you need more calories, so eat sweet fruits.

7. Be careful of proper food combining. In particular, avoid eating sweet fruits with fats. Eat simple meals of one to three well-combined ingredients for best digestion.

8. Sleep. Sleep as long as you like. You are not being lazy because you sleep! Go to bed early. The more hours before midnight the better. If you have trouble getting up, don’t if you possibly can or go to bed earlier!

9. Make exercise a practical thing serving two purposes, if possible. For example, ride a bike to work, walk or run with your dog, etc. This will make exercise more interesting and give you a greater feeling of accomplishment and independence, especially, in the instance of riding to work, when you see the amount of money and wear and tear on your vehicle that you save.

10. Be of service to all. Everything that you do should be done with the intent of improving yourself so that you can better serve others. The selfless attitude will give true meaning to all your efforts. This is the way to joy.

Mark Tassi photographs himself in a mirror in Cambodia

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