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Kvetoslava Martinec’s Top 11 Tips to Transition to a Raw Food Lifestyle

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Kvetoslava Martinec shares her Top 11 Tips to Transition to a Raw Food Lifestyle. Barefoot ethical fruitarian Kvetoslava is following the path of love. Since 1986, love and the biblical Commandment “Thou shalt not kill” inspired and led her to the ethical fruitarian lifestyle. Kvetoslava does not use any cosmetics or cleaning products. She is living a low-profile, private life in the tropics of Australia.

Kveta is writing a book about her raw fruit experiences. She used to be active in raw food forums, but after she discovered that her ethical fruitarian lifestyle was considered way too eccentric and even fascist by other raw food people, she left the deeply confused scene of discussions running in circles. She is also a homemaker, gardener, writer, dressmaker, guitar player, singer, gypsy tarot card reader, drawer and reader. Explore Kveta’s blog. E-mail her for gypsy tarot card readings.

1. Avoid cooked food, nuts and seeds at any cost. They are highly addictive and will forever hold you back, feeding you with never-ending cravings. Treat cooked food as if you were a recovering food addict, and take people who are recovering or recovered from heroin, alcohol, etc. addictions as great inspirations. If they can do it, so can you.

2. Avoid any kind of salt. Salt is also feeding your addiction to itself and brings on cravings for cooked food. If you feel like you need to give in to your cravings for cooked food, cook only fruit such as pumpkin, tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, etc. or vegetables without salt and fat.

3. When you attend a social scene where food is involved, bring your own fresh raw fruit with you. Or eat ahead of time and, if someone offers you food, you may say: “Thank you. I will have some later” or “Thank you. I am not hungry” or “Thank you. I am on a special diet and I have my own food with me.” On such occasions, people usually want to eat what is on the table/tables and generally don’t want to hear any of your food-related differences.

4. Try to avoid hanging out in and around shops as much as you can. Doing so will only bring temptations. Buy fruit at farmers’ markets or straight from growers. Buy long-lasting fruit in bulk such as citrus, melons, etc.

5. Avoid alcohol, which brings strong cravings for cooked salty foods.

Kvetoslava Martinec sits on Santa Claus' lap
Photographed at 39, Kvetoslava Martinec sits on Santa Claus’ lap.

6. Have faith and confidence in your own raw fruit path.

7. When you have guests over, offer them fresh raw fruit juice, smoothies, homemade fruit “ice cream” or fruit salad. You will be surprised that no one will object, but on the contrary, people will praise such originality, beauty and yumminess.

8. When organising a social gathering, if possible, choose natural settings like a park near a beachfront, any lovely park, your veranda or garden, etc.

9. Disconnect your home stove, sell or give away your cooking utensils and never buy biscuits, coffee, tea, etc. for visitors.

10. If you happen to have a partner and/or kids who are not raw, your new way of eating is going to be much more difficult. Yet, make your own needs clear and avoid hiding your raw food lifestyle. In contrary, be a good example. Show your inspiring confidence, not silent fear.

11. The most important thing is to work on your psyche. At the end of the day, it is not your body but your mind that is going to deceive you.

Kvetoslava Martinec plays a guitar in front of a guest

Enjoy This Illuminating and Inspiring Content? Show Your Love by Sharing!
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