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Don Bennett's Recipe for a Healthy Meal - papaya halves on a plate - Fruit-Powered

Don Bennett’s Recipe for a Healthy Meal

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Don Bennett shares his recipe for a healthy meal. At a young age, Don discovered inconsistencies within the health field such as doctors who smoked, and nutritionists who ate foods that were known to be harmful. Being a seeker of truth, he set out to learn the realities of health for himself. Discovering that traditional curriculums were filled with biases, hidden agendas, misinformation and missing information, Don remained self-taught, examining info as a researcher and not studying it as a student, thereby avoiding the hurdles set up by academic tradition.

He took a commonsense approach to health and learned the value of looking past the “conventional wisdoms.” This approach, in conjunction with researching the teachings of healthful living pioneers and their modern-day equivalents, and putting into practice what he had found to be true, allowed him to discover the realities of health. Thirty years later, as a Disease Avoidance Specialist, Don now shares this wealth of enlightening and empowering knowledge with others for their consideration and benefit.


1. When truly hungry, and when not dehydrated, get some ripe mango or papaya or durian or mamey or bananas or melon or apricots or black sapote or other fruit.

2. Find a relaxing environment.

3. Consume one of the above fruits, listening for your body to whisper “enough,” and then stop eating even if you still have some food left on your plate. If your plate empties before you hear your body’s “stop” signal, go get some more.

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 with a different fruit when you next become truly hungry.

Poster of Florida's finest tropical fruit
Don Bennett chooses to enjoy a fine tropical fruit as a monomeal in his home state of Florida.

If this seems simplistic, that’s because it is. And it is also the way all fruit-eating primates eat a meal. If you currently eat meals differently, this will certainly be a paradigm shift. But after you get used to it, it will be no more difficult than the way you used to eat (and way more beneficial).

The wisdom of eating mono “meals.” Digestion is the most energy-intensive process the body has. So the easier a meal is to digest, the less nervous system energy is required for that digestion, and the more “nerve energy” is available for healing, or the less sleep you’ll need to replenish your daily nerve energy usage. Less sleep = more awake time = more “life-time.”


  • Refrain from giving your meals names such as “breakfast,” “lunch,” and “dinner.” When you go to the bathroom, you don’t give those occasions names, and your meals deserve equal treatment. This will help you to eat according to your body’s schedule and not society’s schedule.
  • For a description of true hunger, see this article.

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3 thoughts on “Don Bennett’s Recipe for a Healthy Meal”

  1. Papaya is packed with enzymes for digestion, it’s loaded with vitamin C and beta carotene for your skin. It’s very hydrating due to its high water content.

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