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Cacao and Toxemia in Focus

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Insight from Natural Health Leaders - Lessons from the Orchard by Dr. David Klein - Fruit-Powered

Is Cacao Truly Raw and Is It Good For Us?

Dr. David Klein’s Response

Cacao nibs are cooked, excitotoxin-rich additives used in junk snacks. The nibs are processed bits of the cacao fruit’s seeds. The fruit flesh (mesocarps) surrounding the seeds are tasty and healthful. Cacao nibs and snack products are not raw—they are fermented with heat. The toxic rap sheet on cacao nibs includes theobromine, a chemical that is even more toxic than caffeine. Cacao products make us feel “good” because they have some sugar in them and their flavorful toxic chemicals jolt our senses. Cacao has negative nutritional value because of its toxic content. It is a narcotic that induces mental numbing effects, including aphasia in some people, as well as headaches. Cacao does not belong in a healthy diet.

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Dr. Douglas Graham’s Response from Vibrance Issue No. 4:

To my knowledge, there is no truly raw chocolate. In order to taste like chocolate, cacao beans must be heated. I have lived in the tropics, where these fruit grow and have tried to bring out the chocolate flavor of cacao in other ways; it simply cannot be done. There is no such thing as “raw chocolate.” Even the so-called “raw chocolate” beans, nibs and powder are eventually heated and at high enough temperatures that we can consider it a cooked food.

I am sure you know that heating the proteins in chocolate denatures them and causes them to become carcinogenic. I assume you are aware of the fact that when the carbohydrates in chocolate are heated, they become caramelized, adversely affecting their glycemic index rating. This results first in thyroid stimulation and eventually hypothyroid function and also creates carcinogens. This fact made worldwide headlines several years ago: Heating fats, even the fats in chocolate, results in the production of carcinogens. Subjecting cacao to heat also results in the production of enzyme-resistant protein bonds that are a causative agent in conditions ranging from arthritis to allergies, leaky gut syndrome to autoimmune dysfunction and many other health disorders. The double bonds of the fats in chocolate become triple bonds under the influence of heat, making them physiologically unusable in human nutrition, while they adversely impact our cholesterol levels.

Cacao and mint top a banana smoothie

Essentially, chocolate is no more than a cocktail of noxious and toxic chemicals and drugs. Cacao beans contain: methylxanthines (such as the stimulant drug caffeine), theobromine and theophyllin, all of which are known to produce permanent degenerative alterations in cellular protoplasm. Theobromine is known to cause a host of symptoms, including abnormal glandular growth, nervousness, depression, anxiety, insomnia, gastrointestinal problems and itching. Caffeine is highly suspected of being a carcinogen and is directly linked to heart and circulatory problems, glandular difficulties, nervous disorders, osteoporosis, birthing abnormalities and so forth. Theophylline causes stomach problems, nausea, vomiting and nervous disorders. The beans also contain more tannin than tea as well as oxalic acid, which is known to bind with calcium in the body. Finally, cacao contains generous quantities of the hallucinogens known as cannabinoids and various aflatoxins, all of which are carcinogenic.

In conclusion, no chocolate is raw or a health food. Chocolate contains very few true nutrients (and those only in minute quantities), it does not offer a caloronutrient ratio that would make it valuable as a calorie source and it cannot be considered a “superfood” by any standard.

What Is Toxemia About?

Cover of Toxemia Explained by Dr. John H. Tilden

Dr. David Klein’s Response

  • Toxemia is a poisoned condition of the blood.
  • Toxemia is almost always accompanied by toxicosis.
  • Dr. John Tilden, a hygienic medical doctor, wrote the classic, Toxemia Explained in 1926.
  • He loudly crusaded the natural healing and lifestyle-correction approach.
  • Soundly based upon physiology and years of clinical experience, Toxemia Explained provides the foundational concepts of why we get sick, what the symptoms mean and how we can get well and stay well.
  • Dr. Tilden boldly indicted toxemia—bodily toxicity from wrong lifestyle habits (mainly toxic diets)—as the culprit in all illnesses.
  • In the book, he drives home the necessity of cooperating with the body’s detoxification processes for the restoration of health.
  • Although Dr. Tilden’s teachings are self-evident, they fell upon deaf ears within the medical industry.
  • Any substance or material or gas taken into or generated within the body that irritates the tissues is toxic.
  • Toxic materials and gases are poisonous; anti-vital; relating to a substance that interferes with, impedes, impairs or destroys vital functions and processes due to chemical unions that derange stable processes; that which disturbs homeostasis; that which clogs, blocks or modifies body processes; and that which injures due to its presence or its modifications of the norm.
“Toxicosis is general poisoned condition of the body.”
—Dr. David Klein
  • A toxin is a poisonous substance that the body cannot use, identifies as a threat and attempts to neutralize and expel.
  • A toxin is any substance or material taken into or generated within the body that irritates the tissues until eliminated.
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