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Brittany Taylor and Noah practice acroyoga

Brittany Taylor’s Top 8 Tips for Making Fitness Gains Fun for You

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Brittany Taylor shares her Top 8 Tips for making fitness gains fun for you. Brittany loves connecting with others and sharing her enthusiasm for life with the world. Doing this through her business, focused on the topics of simple living, lightweight travel and healthy practices for personal growth, is one of her greatest passions. You can find her on YouTube or on her website,, where she offers support and inspiration through coaching, articles and videos as well as on Instagram.

Brittany is an enthusiastic athlete, acrobat and world traveler. She spends much of her time upside-down, balanced on a fellow acrobat’s hands, or flying through the air on their feet. An avid minimalist, Brittany enjoys exploring new destinations with her one small backpack of possessions either on foot or with her Toyota RV Camper.

Brittany Taylor stands on Noah while practicing acroyoga
Brittany Taylor enjoys practicing acroyoga.

1. Play. Nobody wants to work, so I never recommend working out. Cultivate an attitude of play, and you will always enjoy what you are doing.

2. Choose activities you find fun. In picking movement that you genuinely enjoy—things that you can get lost in the fun of—it’s much easier to cultivate that attitude of play.

3. Be creative. Fitness doesn’t have to mean picking up a barbell or running on a treadmill (unless you genuinely enjoy it). Fitness can mean dancing, skateboarding, doing cartwheels, balancing another human over your head, throwing your kids around, getting out in nature, playing a fun sport, swimming in the ocean or anything else you can dream up. Be creative!

4. Make it sustainable. Find a way that you can be consistent. If you want to run every day, and it feels good in your body, by all means go for it, but that may not fit into your life. Find something that works for you so that you are moving regularly. Consistency produces real, long-term results.

5. Find balance in diversity. While we all tend to have our favorite facets of fitness, there are many. For a healthy, well-rounded body, find ways that are fun for you to increase your strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and so on, as opposed to focusing on just one area.

6. Fill your body with clean fuel. Eat fruit to have energy to move for hours. Simple monomeals eaten with enough time to digest before you go out to play are ideal.

7. Try new stuff. In the spirit of playfulness, connect with your child-like curiosity and try new things! You will find out more about what you like, what you don’t like, and you will continue to evolve, not only in your fitness, but in your life in general.

8. Make it work for your unique life. There are so many activities to gain inspiration from. Try them all, picking the elements of each that work for you and letting go of the aspects that don’t inspire you. Customize your play every day, going after what excites you the most! There is no reason to settle.

Brittany Taylor performs a flying pop while practicing acroyoga

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