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Ask and Allow for Health and Then Receive It

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In watching myself and others over the years make the transition to a plant-based diet, I have learned that although obstacles are vast, they are not to be feared. They may come disguised in many different forms but all arise from the same thing, which is perhaps the most difficult of them all: change. And there is no escape from it, no matter how hard you try.

As someone who has been vegetarian for almost five years and vegan for almost four, I am here to say that change is not so bad. As a matter of fact, change is nothing short of awesome. And, me, being the imperfect person I am, I know it is me and only me who is responsible for my own outcomes, yet I still like to place blame on the media, the food giants and the medical and pharmaceutical industries for making change difficult.

I have to admit, though, that my transition from an omnivorous diet to a plant-based diet was a fairly quick and natural progression. I believe this is partly because of the health-oriented mentality I’ve always had and partly because the cruelty of living organisms doesn’t resonate with me even though I have come to accept it. I do not think we or any other living beings are meant to suffer, but I catch myself wondering whether suffering is just a small part of the equation we all have to experience at one point or another that enables our evolution, not as a species but as a consciousness.

"Invest in your health" on a chalkboard

Once again, I shall share some personal experiences that may help ease one’s transition to a plant-based diet. Even though this was an easy change for me, I’ve struggled with and continue to have difficulty with change in other areas. This struggle is something we can all relate to.

There are many transitioning paths one can take, but the one I took was a three-step process that I was not aware of until now. This is a process commonly practiced throughout the world and involves the direct application of oneself in order to get results. Outward application alone does not work and never has unless one has received inspiration to do so. Here is a summary of the steps of my health transformation, a process that can be used to get anything one desires.

Asking for Health

I seemed healthy to myself and others but really wasn’t. Toxins were slowly building up, and I kept getting stomach bugs more frequently. Suffering from these bugs was very rare throughout my life. Don’t get me wrong, I had always been very physically fit, but something just wasn’t quite right. This was probably the “first step” in making the change to increasingly healthier diets. I had the realization of wanting the best possible health, so I asked the universe for it without realizing it.

A spread of fruits and vegetables on white background

Allowing for Health

I was so used to controlling situations that I held a firm grip on the questions I asked, demanding answers. My grip was so firm and my mind and consciousness so closed that I could not see the answers that were literally in my face. It was when I finally let go and relaxed, allowing my mind to open up, that I could see the answers that were always there. For example, I spent a lot of time on the Internet looking for answers related to diet (outward application), but when I became more present and harmonious (inward application), the universe was allowed to deliver its messages.

Receiving Health

Once the messages from the universe were delivered, I finally took action and went places where I needed to go, met people I needed to meet, read the books I needed to read and watched movies I needed to watch. In every one of these connections made, I experienced absolutely no doubt whereas in all my past efforts of trying to find the truth, I was met with nothing but doubt that caused more questions to be asked. Truth does not need to be searched for; it is already there. Perhaps it is not there as in waiting in the darkness to be found by turning on the light but by turning within.

Perhaps you expected a step-by-step bible or instruction manual, but this is as complex as it gets. This humble, living experience is meant to be simple, but that is not to say I don’t have a recommended list of health resources for y’all to follow:

Recommended Books

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Recommended Movies

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In order to transform my health, I had to make other changes that required me to go outside my comfort zone such as frequenting potlucks at [the Lansdale, Pennsylvania, raw food café] Arnold’s Way and attending The Woodstock Food Festival. The hardest part was crossing the boundary. This brought about the realization that I made things much harder than they needed to be. Books and movies are great and have helped me in making significant changes, but people and places are a significant part of transitions. An individual’s thoughts act as powerful signals, but when like-minded individuals with strong desires get together, the signals of these thoughts multiply, acting as powerful radio transmitters to the universe. This has been scientifically proven such as in the Washington Crime Study, where the crime rate was reduced by a group meditating for peace.

OK, so I told a white lie. Change is scary. But it’s, like, roller-coaster scary.

Korey Constable is photographed with Arnold Kauffman at Arnold's Way
Korey Constable is photographed with Arnold Kauffman at Arnold’s Way.

Korey Constable holds a large watermelon on a beach

Check out Korey’s transformation story!

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