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Amy Yuter sits on a hillside with mountains in the background

Amy Yuter’s Top 5 Wellness Tips

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Amy Yuter shares her Top 5 Wellness Tips. Amy is a mostly raw, gluten-free vegan. She is married and a mother of two children and two cats. Amy walked away from conventional medicine and found wellness for her family through diet and alternative medicine. She works in securities law compliance and used to work as a federal investigator. Perhaps her investigative skills helped her find that the food we eat has a huge impact on our wellness. Her passions are meditation, raw vegan lifestyle, food combining, artificial-free living, kundalini yoga and being the love and light for others on their wellness journeys.

1. Clear the space for clarity. This means keeping your house clutter-free, getting organized at your workspace and doing less in your life—saying no so that you have the space.

2. Take it slowly. I find those who make changes slowly stick with the change. I slowly gave up first pork, then meat, then poultry, but if going raw faster speaks to you, don’t hold back. Just don’t grasp or resist.

3. Know you are not your thoughts. You are the vast universe, and your thoughts are just your mind working. Your mind has a purpose to compare, contrast, etc., but it is not “you.”

4. Clean your castle. This body we are given is a castle for our soul. Take the very best care of it, and you will soar. Clean it by changing to a raw or mostly raw diet and seeing a wellness practitioner who can assist with other fine-tuning.

5. Know you are where you are supposed to be. You are right where you are supposed to be. The fact that you are reading this shows you are on your wellness journey. Be thankful daily that you are “right where you are supposed to be.” Even if there is great struggle around you, it is your “work” to clear the space for the energy to flow.

Amy Yuter sits on a scenic hillside

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