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Alkalize and Reverse Acidosis Now!

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Acidosis is the widespread scourge that ruins health and shortens lives. It is defined as excessive blood acidity caused by one of the following conditions: an overabundance of acid in the blood, a loss of bicarbonate from the blood (metabolic acidosis) or by a buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood due to poor lung function or slow breathing (respiratory acidosis).

All modern diets cause chronic, “low-grade” acidosis, even vegan and raw food diets when eaten incorrectly. More specifically, the two major causes of acidosis are:

1. Diets comprising mainly acid-forming (acidifying) foods

2. The fermentation of starches and putrefaction of proteins in the gut caused by eating incompatible food combinations and indigestible foods. This process results in acid waste poisoning, a degenerative condition that, sadly, many people endure every day of their declining lives.

Acidosis results in irritation and inflammation of the tissues, enervation, malnutrition, loss of alkaline mineral reserves and depletion of enzymes. Chronic acidosis causes degenerative diseases related to poor-quality body tissues such as osteoporosis, fractures and tendon tears and many other disease conditions, which result in great suffering and early death.

Symptoms of acidosis

What is an Acid-Forming Food?

Foods are determined to be acidifying if, on the pH scale of 0 to 14, they have a pH level of less than 7.0 or alkalizing if they have a pH level greater than 7.0 as a result of their metabolic end reaction in our bodies. That is, depending on each food’s mineral composition, after the nutrients from a food are utilized in the cells, the pH level of the resulting waste fluid is either acidic or alkaline.

Certain minerals create acidity in aqueous solutions while others create alkalinity. Foods with predominantly acid-forming minerals impart acidity to the cells and metabolic waste stream. Foods with predominantly alkaline-forming minerals impart alkalinity to the cells and metabolic waste stream. The primary acid-forming minerals are phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, iodine, bromine, fluorine, copper and silicon.

Below is a list of the most common acid-forming foods, drinks and items:

Cola being poured against white background

  • All animal meats
  • Most grains and their products (wheat, rice, oats, rye, bread, pastas, cakes, crackers, etc.)
  • Legumes (beans, tofu, lentils and peanuts)
  • Dairy (milk, cream, cheese, butter and eggs)
  • Snacks (candies, chips, chocolates, pretzels, etc.)
  • Carbonated soft drinks/sodas
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Coffee
  • Tobacco
  • Protein powders
  • Nuts and seeds, except almonds
  • Blueberries, cranberries, plums and prunes, which are the only acid-forming fruits

There aren’t any vegetables, squashes or potatoes that are acid-forming—they’re all alkalizing.

Stalk of celery against white background
Celery has a pH of 8.1.

Chronic, excessive eating of acid-forming foods, as well as poor food combining practices, over-stress the body. As a result, our body is forced to use its alkaline mineral reserves (mainly calcium) to buffer the acidity to keep us functioning. This depletes our alkaline mineral reserves, leading to the plethora of debilitating degenerative diseases humanity experiences.

How to Achieve Acid-Alkaline Balance

Acid-alkaline balance is the regulation process the body conducts to maintain proper physiological functioning within certain limits. On average, the body needs to maintain a slightly alkaline pH level. The lungs, kidneys and chemical buffering systems play key roles in regulating proper acid-alkaline balance. In addition to diet, exercise, emotions and environmental factors heavily influence bodily pH levels.

The A-A-A Diet™ (Acid Alkaline Association Diet), devised by Dr. Paul Fanny, is an alkalizing diet program that easily maintains our optimum alkaline state and reverses the effects of acidosis, while providing superior nutrition. The highest level of dietary achievement is Level 10 of The A-A-A Diet, consisting of 100 percent raw vegan plant foods, 90 percent of which are alkalizing, eaten in proper combinations, with 80 percent of calories derived from carbohydrates, 10 percent from protein and 10 percent from fat. This has proved to be the optimum diet for human health and longevity.

Several figs against gray background
Figs have a pH of 43.7.

The Vegan Healing Diet™ is a specialized alkalizing vegan diet I devised for healing virtually every illness condition, especially digestive and bowel disorders. Its elements encompass the selection of non-fatty, non-acidic, easily digested, alkalizing, organic, vegan fruits and vegetables, simple food preparation, proper food combining and sequencing, and thorough chewing. It is a specialized version of the A-A-A Diet.

Logo for the Vegan Healing Diet by Dr. David Klein

Level 10 of The A-A-A Diet and The Vegan Healing Diet constitute our natural, most nutritious and most health-promoting diets. They not only reverse acidosis, they also promote healing and the development of peak strength, power, endurance and longevity. Via these diets, we can experience optimum physical and mental performance and joy in living.

A properly nourished, alkalized body is the key to vibrant health and longevity. Let’s help transform the world to the state of vibrant health we want to see! An alkalized world will thrive!

The physiological and biological science, studies and empirical evidence supporting these truths are documented in The A-A-A Diet Guide by Dr. Paul Fanny, founder and Academics & Admissions director of the University of Natural Health. The Guide is one of the the University Natural Health’s hallmark course textbooks.

How to Get a Degree or Certification to Become an Acid-Alkaline Diet Counselor, Teacher/Instructor or Physician

The University of Natural Health is an accredited international distance-learning correspondence school that grants post-secondary holistic degrees in Holistic Nutrition, Natural Health and Natural Healing. We also offer Naturorthopathic and HygioPhysician® degrees as well as certified programs in Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition. We are the only school teaching the Acid-Alkaline Balance Philosophy in Nutrition—the only scientifically correct dietary model for humans.

Banner for the University and Colleges of Natural Health website

Accredited Degrees Including Courses in Applied Science of Acid-Alkaline Diet

  • B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition
  • B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Holistic Natural Health & Healing
  • B.A. and M.A. in Natural Health & Nutrition
  • B.S. in Sports Nutrition and M.S. in Sports Nutrition Combined
  • B.S. in Holistic Sports Nutrition and M.S. in Holistic Sports Nutrition Combined
  • Ph.D. in Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition
  • D.S. in Sports Nutrition
  • Ph.D. in Sports Nutrition
  • D.S. in Holistic Sports Nutrition
  • Ph.D. in Holistic Sports Nutrition
  • Ph.D. in Sports Nutrition & Sports Management
  • Ph.D. in Holistic Sports Nutrition & Sports Management
  • Ph.D. in Sports Management & Sports Marketing
  • Naturorthopathic Doctor
  • HygioPhysician

Certifications Including Courses in Applied Science of Acid-Alkaline Diet

  • Certified Natural Health Practitioner
  • Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner
  • Certified Natural Health Practitioner & Holistic Nutrition Practitioner
  • Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant
  • Certified Holistic Sports Nutrition Consultant Practitioner

Acid-Alkaline Balance Courses

  • Humans’ Natural Biological Diet
    • Course textbook: Your Natural Diet: Alive Raw Foods
    • Authors: Dr. T. C. Fry and Dr. David Klein
  • Advanced Holistic Nutrition I: Applied Science of the Acid Alkaline Diet
    • Course textbook: The A-A-A Diet™ Acid Alkaline Association Guide
    • Author: Dr. Paul Fanny
  • Advanced Holistic Nutrition II: Applied Science of the Acid Alkaline Diet
    • Course Textbook: The A-A-A Diet™ Acid Alkaline Association Guide
    • Author: Dr. Paul Fanny
  • Advanced “Applied” Nutrition
    • Course Textbook: The 80/10/10 Diet
    • Author: Dr. Douglas N. Graham
  • Advanced Nutrition I
    • Course Textbook: The Science and Fine Arts of Food and Nutrition
    • Author: Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
  • Advanced Nutrition II
    • Course Textbook: The Science and Fine Arts of Food and Nutrition
    • Author: Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
  • Superior Foods & Nutrition
    • Course Textbook: Super Nutrition Gardening
    • Author: William S. Peavy and Warren Peary
  • Biological Concepts of Enzymes & Nutrition
    • Course Textbook: Enzymes and Nutrition
    • Author: Dr. Edward Howell

For more information about the University of Natural Health’s Acid-Alkaline Balance degree and certification programs and career opportunities, visit and contact assistant Academic & Admissions director Dr. David Klein by e-mail or phone at 808-572-0861.

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