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Painting of a bird by Tarah Millen

Tarah Millen Discovers ‘Love’ and ‘Joy’ in Art

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I have always been an artist, but prior to finding the raw food lifestyle my artwork was dictated by others’ influences. Instead of allowing my creativity to take over, I listened to art teachers and society’s view of what art should look like. I never felt fully confident in admitting that my artwork didn’t and shouldn’t be the same as everyone else’s!

To change my diet and lifestyle so drastically from being a meat eater to raw food enthusiast in one night, I naturally had to challenge and question all of my previous beliefs. Once I started down the path of questioning what I thought I knew about health and wellness, it didn’t take long before I began to think about the meaning of art in my life.

After all, the way we express art is a reflection of our thoughts, values and our mental well-being, and it’s no surprise that all of these areas improved when I changed my diet.

When I embraced a lifestyle abundant in whole, fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables, I lost 35 pounds, gained an incredible amount of energy, healed receded gums and experienced clear skin for the first time in over 10 years. All of these results boosted my confidence and affected every other area of my life in a very positive way.

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Art quickly became a form of self-expression. I no longer required—or even desired—acceptance from others. I ditched the thought that my art had to fit anyone else’s idea of perfection or beauty. I began to create art for me. I knew I still wanted to share it with the world, but my goal was now to help inspire others to break free of their limiting thoughts around their own creations.

Throughout the past few years eating raw foods, my artistic expression has expanded even further. Though I still love to paint, scrapbook and sketch, I’ve also discovered a passion for dance. In the past, I limited my dancing because of the belief that I could never be “good enough,” but now I realize that the only thing holding any of us back is our own choices.

In essence, raw foods have brought freedom back into my life. I feel joyful, liberated, creative and willing to take risks without fear. Whether it’s adventure traveling, speaking, writing, dancing or painting, I am now eager to try, make mistakes and try again.

Art in any form is never about perfection but rather spending your precious time doing something you love and feeling joy in this moment.

I hope my story gives you inspiration to try new art forms and break free of your comfort zone. The magic truly happens when you let go of expectations and create your art because it makes you feel happy. There’s no better way to feel.

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