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Rob Rehnmark’s Top 7 Tips to Transition to and Stay on a Low-Fat Raw Vegan Diet

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Rob Rehnmark, a.k.a. Rob “Freedomfighter,” shares his 7 Top Tips to transition to and stay on a low-fat raw vegan diet. Rob intuitively transitioned to a low-fat raw vegan lifestyle without knowing about the budding movement. Through diet and lifestyle, he managed to overcome health issues he’s had since childhood, including, but not limited to, severe migraines, rheumathoid arthritis and restless leg syndrome. Things such as fevers, colds and flus are a thing of the past since he is thriving and experiencing ever-increasing health and fitness.

A low-fat raw vegan lifestyle enabled him to start running and improve recovery in his strength training. He’s making steady progress in endurance and strength in spite of—or because of—5 percent of his calories come from fat and protein each. Connect with Rob on and on YouTube and Facebook.

  1. Be aware of your addictions. Stay vigilantly honest and don’t make up any excuses or explanations.
  2. In the beginning, count every gram of food you’re eating. Even the ones you’d rather forget you ever ate. Be honest. No estimations or exaggerations.
  3. Make sure you eat enough. Having a big calorie surplus is going to make it easier to stave off cravings and break addictions.
  4. Eat lots of “high-density greens”—those extra high in minerals—like spinach, broccoli, etc. over a long period of time to rebuild your mineral stores.
  5. Expect progress over time. This is not a magic pill that will transform you overnight. Yes, it is a drastic lifestyle change that will give your body the conditions needed to heal while, at the same time, cutting out the hindrances, and some symptoms might disappear in a week or two, some even overnight. But, generally, it will take years to undo decades of bad lifestyle choices, abuse and damage.
  6. Take personal responsibility! You may get inspiration, knowledge and guidance from others, but you have to take personal responsibility and find your way forward toward health.
  7. Keep your motivations in mind: self-love, health, happiness, strength, endurance, etc.
An example day of eating for Rob "Freedomfighter" Rehnmark
Pictured are foods Rob “Freedomfighter” Rehnmark enjoys on an average day.

Rob "Freedomfighter" Rehnmark poses outdoors

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