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Jessica Thim poses with paintings in her room

Raw Food Diet Invokes ‘Spiritual’ Change in Jessica Thim’s Art

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Featured image by Jenn Nagel. Other images by Jessica Thim.

My first artwork directly linked to vegetarianism is called Johnny Nucell. Johnny Nucell is a children’s book I illustrated and co-wrote with Arnold Kauffman [owner of the raw vegan café Arnold’s Way in Lansdale, Pennsylvania]. The book is an introduction to a vegetarian lifestyle. A small cell named Johnny teaches readers to avoid meat products and introduces fruits and vegetables as a healthier choice. The pages are filled with colorful cut paper depicting friendly farm animals, fruits and vegetables. The colors and unique patterns found on each page is a nice counter-balance to the strong political message the book portrays.

This book was a big step for me on my raw food journey because it not only impacted me and my lifestyle but gave me the opportunity to share the gift of life with others.

Jessica Thim Artwork Before Adopting a Raw Food Diet

Before I was introduced to veganism, I was a meat eater. I had a few health problems such as asthma for 13 years and eczema. I would eat chicken, veggies and rice every night for dinner with a glass of milk. On the standard American diet, this is no big deal. After being introduced to the harmful effects of large consumption of meat and dairy products, I decided to make a change for the better. I cut out meat and dairy products and most grains. Since this transition, my asthma has completely cleared up, and I have gone off all medications. The eczema on my arms has also faded dramatically. Before becoming a vegan, I also suffered from depression. Daily frustrations became suicidal thoughts. Over time, my anger and depression faded with a clean diet.

Another outcome of a raw vegan lifestyle is the optimistic outlook I now have on life. My thoughts and ideas are more clear and positive. These positive changes have affected my art for the better. I find myself more engaged in the pieces I produce. Instead of diving into a new piece without a theme or idea, I am able to sit down and write out my ideas in a more efficient way.

Jessica Thim Artwork After Adopting a Raw Food Diet

The themes found in the new work are more spiritual. I look at the new work and not only visually see a spiritual connection but feel that connection. I have always been a Christian and believed in God and still do. I also believe that, as humans, we should look inside ourselves and figure out what our connection is to the higher power and how we can fulfill our destiny here on earth. This topic is very meaningful to me, and with the help of raw food and the nourishment it gives my body, I can clearly communicate my beliefs. I am now able to understand God and my spiritual connection to him and this earth.

Art is my destiny. Raw food has helped me find my way.

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1 thought on “Raw Food Diet Invokes ‘Spiritual’ Change in Jessica Thim’s Art”

  1. Wow! Such an amazing difference your art, Jessica. So much clearer, brighter and clearly happier. And you look the picture of health. Such an inspiration for living life raw vegan. I too have experienced profound results following this lifestyle. Health issues of course have healed, but I’ve also gained a huge sense of clarity and confidence around my purpose in life too. What’s not to like about eating this way. There are so many benefits. 🙂 🙂

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