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Papaya with Passion Fruit recipe from Nicolas Dudet

Papaya with Passion Fruit

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Nicolas Dudet shares his recipe for Papaya with Passion Fruit. Nicolas, founder of Mastering Freedom, is a certified health coach, certified yoga instructor, bodyworker and lifelong windsurfing athlete. Having experienced asthma his entire life, at the age of 17, he began to question the foods he was eating and how they were impacting his health and well-being. He began researching the causes of health and dis-ease and learned about how food and lifestyle choices affect the body. After learning about the acidifying and alkalizing effects of certain foods and how the body detoxifies, he quickly changed his entire lifestyle to eating exclusively raw foods with an emphasis on fruits. Within a very short amount of time, his lifelong asthmatic symptoms disappeared completely, and his breath was free! This experience inspired Nicolas to empower and teach others how to free themselves from dis-ease and embody their greatest potential in all areas of their life—freedom!

Visit Nicolas Dudet’s website and YouTube channel as well as follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Papaya with Passion Fruit Preparation



  • Cut the papaya in half lengthwise. Gently scoop out the papaya seeds.
  • Cut open a passion fruit in half and scoop out the tangy and sweet passion fruit into the papaya halves where the papaya seeds were.
  • Grab your favorite spoon and scoop a piece of papaya with some passion fruit. Eat both at the same time and enjoy the flavor burst! The sweet papaya flavor is very nicely complimented with the tangy and sour flavor of passion fruit.


  • If you don’t have passion fruit available to you, try it with lime. 🙂
  • Eat this meal outside while you breathe fresh air and ground yourself barefoot to the Earth.

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