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Nicolas Dudet lays on a bed of coconuts

Nicolas Dudet’s Top 5 Tips for Health

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Enjoy Nicolas Dudet‘s Top 5 Tips for Health. Nicolas, founder of Mastering Freedom, is a certified health coach, certified yoga instructor, bodyworker and lifelong windsurfing athlete. Having experienced asthma his entire life, at the age of 17, he began to question the foods he was eating and how they were impacting his health and well-being. He began researching the causes of health and dis-ease and learned about how food and lifestyle choices affect the body. After learning about the acidifying and alkalizing effects of certain foods and how the body detoxifies, he quickly changed his entire lifestyle to eating exclusively raw foods with an emphasis on fruits. Within a very short amount of time, his lifelong asthmatic symptoms disappeared completely, and his breath was free! This experience inspired Nicolas to empower and teach others how to free themselves from dis-ease and embody their greatest potential in all areas of their life—freedom!

Visit Nicolas Dudet’s website and YouTube channel as well as follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Presenting Nicolas Dudet’s Top 5 Tips for Health

1. Be compassionate and loving toward yourself. When transitioning and living a raw food lifestyle, it is easy to judge oneself for mistakes or for not doing things “perfectly.” Be and speak kindly toward yourself, and you’ll find yourself making positive shifts much more quickly. Life is a journey, so let’s be compassionate with ourselves and others who are doing their best to heal and embody their greatest version as well.

Headshot of Nicolas Dudet2. Connect with like-minded friends. When transitioning to this lifestyle, it is imperative to let go of relationships that drain you and to surround yourself with people who support you and hold you accountable to your highest vision of yourself. It is also so nourishing to connect and share the lifestyle you love with friends. This can look like organizing a hike and a fruitluck so you can have fun and inspire one another.

3. Be grateful. Every morning, connect to the things you are grateful for that money can’t buy. Gratitude shifts our state of being so we see more abundance, opportunities and opens us up to receive more experiences to be grateful for in our lives.

4. Breathe and connect within. As we cleanse and heal our bodies through a raw food lifestyle, it is so important to support this healing by connecting with and feeling our emotions and inner world. By creating a daily habit of meditating, closing our eyes and anchoring ourselves in the present moment with our breath, we allow ourselves to feel our emotions so we may heal more deeply. This process also facilitates relaxation, which, in turn, boosts our mood, well-being and creativity. We often focus on the food we eat but forget how important it is to connect with our breath, which nourishes our bodies 24/7.

5. Have fun! In this journey of health, I have seen that we can start to take ourselves too seriously. When we do this, we compromise our health and slow down our progress. It is important that, through healing our bodies, we find ways to connect with our childlike wonder for life and that we find ways to express our creativity. Dance, draw, read, write, swim, jump, sing! These are all examples of ways we can express ourselves, allowing us to create fun and excitement so we can fully enjoy this wonderful journey we call life.

Nicolas Dudet smiles while resting on stairs
Nicolas Dudet smiles while relaxing on stairs. Nicolas encourages folks to show themselves compassion while making lifestyle changes.

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