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Mads and Mikkel Gisle Johnsen with an abundant supply of fruits

Mikkel and Mads Gisle Johnsen’s Top 10 Tips for Succeeding on a Fruit-Based Diet

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Mikkel and Mads Gisle Johnsen share their Top 10 Tips for Succeeding on a Fruit-Based Diet. Mikkel and Mads are the Norwegian brothers behind Sweet Natural Living on YouTube. They aim to entertain, educate and inspire people about the awesomeness of a fruit-based diet, health in general and living in alignment with themselves and their highest excitement. They have two e-books out—one about traveling as a fruit eater and one about bananas and their role in a raw food diet.

1. Source the highest-quality fruit you can find. Low-quality fruit will not be a sustainable option.

2. Make sure to keep a solid fruit stash at your house at all times.

3. Focus on tropical fruits over temperate fruits as they tend to be more satisfying and nutritionally appropriate for our needs.

4. Eat ripe fruit! Bear in mind that some fruits are simply picked too early to ever ripen properly.

5. Make sure you’re eating enough total calories. If you don’t, you will fail. Always.

Bananas are stacked in a wooden crate
Bananas are key in a fruit-based raw food diet, Mikkel and Mads Gisle Johnsen maintain. Mikkel published The Little Banana Book: A Practical Guide to Buying, Storing, Ripening and Eating Bananas.

6. Ideal eating habits looks like this: Eat when you’re hungry and as much as you want one type of fruit in its fresh, raw, ripe and natural state until satisfied!

7. Make sure you focus on keeping the fat intake low (less than 15 percent of total calories) and the carbohydrate intake high (more than 80 percent of total calories).

8. Unless you’re in the tropics with access to all kinds of awesome fruit, make bananas your staple year round. Check out our e-book about bananas!

9. Use dried fruit and dates only as a snack, travel food or race fuel and to top up on calories when necessary. As a regular meal though, dried fruit isn’t the best option as it’s too low in water.

10. Don’t forget about all the other factors of healthful living such as sleep, hydration, sunshine, activity, rest, etc.

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