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Mikkel Gisle Johnsen eats a mango in La Palma

Ecstatic Mango Feast

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Mikkel and Mads Gisle Johnsen share their recipe for Ecstatic Mango Feast. Mikkel and Mads are the Norwegian brothers behind Sweet Natural Living on YouTube. They aim to entertain, educate and inspire people about the awesomeness of a fruit-based diet, health in general and living in alignment with themselves and their highest excitement. They have two e-books out—one about traveling as a fruit eater and one about bananas and their role in a raw food diet.


  • A large supply of your favorite mangos


  • Sit down with the mangos. No knives or tools needed. Less clothing seems to work better.
  • Pick out the mango that appeals to you the most. Tear off the skin without care and start consuming it like the fruit-eating primate you are. Suck, slurp, chew, swallow, burp and savour. No need to eat slowly.
  • Continue like this, mango after mango, until utterly satisfied and in absolute sugar bliss.


  • Forget about manners and eat like an animal—it’s way more satisfying!

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