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Jesi DiPalo sings and plays guitar in a studio photograph

Jesi DiPalo’s Top 5 Tips for Health

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Jesi DiPalo shares her Top 5 Tips for health. Jesi is a musician, artist, poet and actress who lives in Los Angeles, California. She shrunk a tumor and got off all medications on a low-fat raw food diet. She and her fiancé, Charley, lost 50 pounds each leading a raw food diet. Jesi documents her lifestyle journey on her Raw Food Newbie Facebook page.

  1. Get enough water!
  2. Get enough sunshine!
  3. Get enough fresh, ripe, whole fruits and greens!
  4. Get enough love, from and for yourself, and others!
  5. Listen to and or play music! Studies show that music is a pain reliever!

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