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Attendees of Fruit Winter Festival 2016

Fruit Is Just the Beginning: the Joy of Living Our Passion

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Loving life and traveling the world on a fruit-based diet for the past four-plus years, I’ve encountered many other radical humans who enjoy sitting down to a meal of cherimoya in Peru, Thailand’s finest jack or a bowl of ripe summer melon in New York.

We are all unique individuals yet we are drawn together, united by our pull to consume the same ripe, sweet, juicy plants. For many of us, especially when we first find out about and start living a fruit-based lifestyle, it can feel like fruit is the answer. To everything.

And while, to be fair, fruit is pretty magical and our bodies’ desire for it is undeniable, from what I have found within my own life and from what I have seen as I connect with more and more health-seekers around the world, fruit is just the beginning.

Gatherers of the 2016 Fruit Winter Festival practice yoga
Gatherers of the 2016 Fruit Winter Festival practice yoga in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This photo and the featured photo are by Lukasz Czelusniak of 2gether Vegan.

And what an epic beginning it is! It’s a gateway into a magical realm of health—true health—as many of us have never known before. We are invigorated, elated, our bright eyes gleaming, eager for our next fruit meal and ready, with clean energy, to take on life!

So then what?

I have seen in some and felt for myself a feeling akin to disappointment upon realizing that, in fact, fruit wasn’t the answer to everything in my life. But upon further exploration, it turned out I didn’t want it to be the answer to everything.

Brittany Taylor embraces friends in Peru in 2016
Brittany Taylor joins friends in embrace in Peru in 2016. Brittany enjoys traveling, among several passions she’s cultivated in recent years. Photo by Raini Pachak of Symbiotic Solutions.

Sure, it was a certainty to have uncovered for myself, but more so, it was the gateway to an even deeper truth that I had never before realized with such clarity and understanding. It was the knowledge that there are infinite more paths for me to explore within myself and the full understanding that I could go be, do, become, anything that my heart desired.

We are the health seekers of the world. We are the growth junkies who know that the more we dive deeper within ourselves, the more there is to explore. Four years ago, I got to know dozens of new friends and health inspirations at The Woodstock Fruit Festival. At the time, it was their journeys to fruit and health that enthused me.

Gatherers pose for an aerial photograph at the 2015 Woodstock Fruit Festival
Gatherers pose for an aerial photograph at the 2015 Woodstock Fruit Festival. Photo by Raini Pachak.

Since then, I have watched those same people grow, change and shape their lives in various ways. All of them have continued along their own unique paths, asking questions and seeking out life’s answers just for them.

Of the ones who have continued to dive deeper within themselves, I have been witness to the most beautiful lives unfolding, superhumans developing before my eyes.

I have watched as their plant-based diets and increased health have lead to greater confidence in their own lives, unfolding in the sharing of their journeys with the world. Some have gone on to become YouTube sensations, coaches, festival-runners, chefs and entrepreneurs.

Inka Fruit Fest gatherers jump for joy
Joy jumpers! Inka Fruit Fest gatherers leap during a photo opportunity. Photo by Raini Pachak.

I have watched as some have gained body fat, acne or some other “unwanted” symptom, seemingly “falling off the wagon” only to re-emerge with an even greater understanding of themselves, more love and compassion for all and a new vigor for life.

I have watched skinny turn to fit and cheered as strength, muscle and new skills have been achieved. I’ve seen meditation and mindfulness developed, deep rest been endorsed, new forms of connecting and relating navigated, evermore realms of wellness continually being explored and shared within our eager community.

I have delighted in watching these beautiful people discover more of what makes them come alive and share their passions, their gusto for life with the world. And all the while, I have been doing it for myself, too. Falling in love first with fruit and then with acrobatics, minimalism and travel unfolding along the way. Relationships came in next, taking me for another monumental, unexpected ride, turning out to be the most important pieces of my life … until the next big thing was, of course.

Brittany Taylor and Conor McMillen perform AcroYoga
Brittany and Conor McMillen perform scorpion hand to hand, an AcroYoga position. Brittany’s love of acro flowed out of her enjoying a fruit-based diet, which unleashed heightened curiosity in her.

And isn’t it always like this? Or, shall I ask, Can it always be like this for us? Our eager beings, following our passions to greater wellness, vitality, excitement, joy and fulfillment in our lives, with curiosity continually leading the way?

There will always be more to uncover, more to explore. And to that I’d love to say, “Hell yes!” If we are living our passion, we likely will always feel like today—this moment—is the most important one of our lives. And isn’t it?

Although we likely will also feel that this is the best it could ever get. But then tomorrow comes.

We are health seekers, growth junkies, after all. We delight in the thrill of the next adventure. What’s yours?

Brittany Taylor poses with pals in Thailand
Brittany (second from right), Conor (second from left) and friends Lukasz Czelusniak (right) and Martina Lang, who together started 2gether Vegan, take in a sun-splashed day in Thailand. Photo by 2gether Vegan.

Brittany Taylor photographed before and after adopting a raw food diet

Check out Brittany Taylor’s transformation story!

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