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Conor McMillen, a.k.a. "Handy Man Bananas," photographed by a sea

Conor McMillen’s Top 5 Tips for Beginning Your Full-Spectrum Health Journey

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Conor McMillen share his Top 5 Tips for beginning your full-spectrum health journey. Conor is a therapist and health coach. Coming from a background of drugs and alcohol to cope with depression and anxiety, much of his focus is bringing a sustainable health path to others who are struggling. He shares his work on YouTube as HandyManBananas, a channel dedicated to physical health through mainly raw foods and exercise. His new channel, Conor McMillen, focuses on mental health and the emotional body.

Conor is also the founder of the Fruit Winter Festival, held annually in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The festival is 100 percent free. The mission of the festival is to spread the health message and bridge the gap between physical, mental and emotional health.

1. Take time for internal self-observation. This practice, also called mindfulness, is our greatest tool for growing a healthy system. By developing an awareness of our thoughts, feelings and body sensations, we learn what our system needs and how to attend to those needs.

2. Fill yourself with compassion rather than guilt or shame when you “slip up.” Whether it is diet or exercise, setting goals is vital, but sticking to these goals can be tough. If you “slip up” or “backslide,” rather that self-attacking, try to speak lovingly and encouragingly to yourself. This will foster greater overall health and increase the sustainability of your ultimate goals.

3. Exercise your incredible body! Movement is your friend, not your enemy! Find something you love to do that gets your body moving and a smile on your face.

4. Eat more whole plant foods with a focus on fruit. We cannot all be expected to switch our diets overnight. But we can start slowly and sustainably, replacing less-than-optimal foods with whole plant foods today! To start, try a fruit meal for breakfast and notice the difference.

5. Love yourself! You are precious, incredible, beautiful and full of potential. For most of us, learning to love ourselves is a practice. Start now! Stop what you are doing, close your eyes and say these words to yourself: I love you!

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