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Recipe for Cherry Bomb in Your Mouth Nice Cream from Apryl Electra Storms

Cherry Bomb in Your Mouth Nice Cream

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Apryl Electra Storms, a.k.a. “Rawmacita,” shares her recipe for Cherry Bomb in Your Mouth Nice Cream. She is the founding member of the Facebook communities FRUG LYFE and the Society of Naked Fruitarians. Apryl went vegetarian in 1993, vegan in 2000, raw in 2006 and fruit-based raw in 2007. A raw vegan diet has helped Apryl conquer fibromyalgia, eating disorders, depression and more. A former professional raw and vegan chef, Apryl now teaches yoga, writes and records music. Residing in New York City, she loves to dance, organize fruitlucks and help those who seek to better their lives through changing their diets.

Visit Apryl’s website, YouTube channel, Instagram page and Tumblr page. Also, check out her iTunes artist profile and latest single, “Follow the Breeze.”



  • Process equal parts frozen cherries and frozen bananas in a juicer with a blank plate, high-speed blender, food processor or Yonanas machine. “Slightly more cherries are never a bad thing!” Apryl says.

Recipe for Cherry Bomb in Your Mouth Nice Cream from Apryl Electra Storms

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