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Apryl Electra Storms practices yoga

Apryl Electra Storms’ Top 10 Raw Vegan Slip Tips

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Apryl Electra Storms, a.k.a. “Rawmacita,” shares her Top 10 raw vegan slip tips. She is the founding member of the Facebook communities FRUG LYFE and the Society of Naked Fruitarians. Apryl went vegetarian in 1993, vegan in 2000, raw in 2006 and fruit-based raw in 2007. A raw vegan diet has helped Apryl conquer fibromyalgia, eating disorders, depression and more. A former professional raw and vegan chef, Apryl now teaches yoga, writes and records music. Residing in New York City, she loves to dance, organize fruitlucks and help those who seek to better their lives through changing their diets. 

Visit Apryl’s website, YouTube channel, Instagram page and Tumblr page. Also, check out her iTunes artist profile and latest single, “Follow the Breeze.”

1. Don’t worry so much. You’ll probably slip, at least in the beginning, and that’s OK. After almost a decade, I’m still slipping from time to time but don’t let it get to me. I’m a raw vegan. I will always be a raw vegan. I intend to always be a raw vegan.

2. Love yourself. This lifestyle isn’t about being miserable. You want to feel good, right? So why are you trashing yourself for eating a handful of chips and hummus … or maybe the whole tub of hummus… or two tubs? Every meal is an opportunity to be true to who you really want to be.

3. Be proud and share your story. For a long time, I was embarrassed about how many times I’ve failed. What I now know is that others can learn from me and my “mistakes.” If you keep it real, it’s relatable. People will still like you. In fact, they’ll probably like you more when they find out that you’re not perfect. What’s inspirational is that we keep going back to it. There must be something about it if we keep going back, right?

4. Keep going. Come on! You can do it! One slip does not mean the end of the world. Aim high! Do your very best.

5. Eat more fruit. No, really—buy cases. Look for #fruithaul, #fruitstash and #fruglyfe on Instagram and get inspired. Find a wholesaler or ask your grocer for the whole case. Eat big meals of just one kind of fruit. It’s life-changing! Not having to prepare meals frees up time for other things in life.

Poster for the FRUG LYFE Facebook community

6. Enjoy a big salad at night if you feel you’ve had enough fruit for the day. There are so many ways to make a salad and so many amazing ideas on the Internet. Get creative!

7. Follow food-combining rules. It took me a long time to figure out that certain fruits don’t digest well with others. Following these rules can save you a lot of trouble overall.

8. Cooked food may feel addicting for you. Know how it makes you feel, note how it makes you feel and remember how it makes you feel before you think you deserve to indulge a little bit. Some people can handle a bit of cooked. For others, it means entering a world of pain.

9. Find some raw vegan buddies. If there are no groups in your area that can connect you to other vegans, raw vegans or fruit-based eaters … start your own!

10. Thoughts of success lead to more success. Thoughts of failure lead to more failure. Believe and achieve!

Apryl Electra Storms eats a melon
Apryl Electra Storms enjoys a melon earlier this year.

Apryl Electra Storms poses in a swimsuit on a beach

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