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The 3 Worst Habits That Block Us from Being at Peace, Present and Productive

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Learn the Simple Practice to Recover Instantly

Before we examine these bad habits, the first thing we need to identify is:

  • What it actually looks like to be at peace and productive at the same time
  • What’s in the way of that way of being
  • And why we would even want to be that way

It’s safe to assume that if you’re reading this article, you’re probably interested in having a life that really works. You want to live your best life possible, right? Of course!

Well, that means you really need things to be working in every area—not just professionally but also personally, and in all your relationships. Because when one area of life is working while some other area is falling apart, well, long term, it’s just not sustainable.

Unfortunately, staying on top of things isn’t always that easy, especially when the pressure gets turned up and the stress starts piling on. At that point, most people work even harder to try to keep up, right? And that’s when the pressure can really begin to snowball. The next thing you know, you’re triggered and overwhelmed. And that can happen really quickly, too.

Then what happens is the symptoms of stress start appearing, right? Maybe you wake up feeling anxious. Maybe your stomach gets tied up in knots. Or maybe exhaustion is what starts slowing you down.

Stressed businessman covers his ears with social media icons around him

So how do you back down from all that stress and still keep showing up for your vision? Well, there actually is a way! It’s totally possible to live your best life.

As a success coach and a personal growth coach for the past 30 years, I’ve been helping my clients learn how to tap into that peace of mind and, at the same time, be able to show up and take effective action wherever they need to. It turns out that’s the key to their success long term.

And over the years, I’ve discovered a simple set of principles that work to get you there.

It’s a very different approach and here’s what it all boils down to:

If you want to play at the top of your game in a way that doesn’t burn you out (that’s the key here—no burnout), you need to know how to be fully present and at peace, while being productive at the same time.

What is it like in daily life to be at peace, present and productive?

Well, on the inside, it’s feeling at ease and comfortable as well as feeling connected. You also feel open-hearted, confident and empowered. And your peace of mind doesn’t depend on the circumstances going on around you.

On the outside, it looks like having the freedom to move about your life with ease and being able to do whatever is needed, without feeling held back at all.

That would be nice, right? Well, the fact is, some of the most brilliant people from every walk of life naturally operate in this zone, and all of us have experienced it or at least glimpsed being in this state. You can definitely tell when you’re there, too—it’s those times when you feel really open and when everything is flowing.

There are 7 signs that occur when one is at peace, present and productive.

You could call these inner qualities, or states of being, and the interesting thing is they occur naturally. But I teach my clients how to cultivate these states and make them their own with some skill and practice. Once you get this, it’s possible to reverse engineer yourself into that peaceful and productive zone.

A woman is tuned in while in nature

1. Being present right now means dropping the thoughts about the past and predictions for the future and not using labels or inventing stories. It’s experiencing the “right-now moment” with alert awareness instead of thought.

2. Being present right here means being in touch with the details of your inner body experience. It’s being focused right here where you are, noticing the physical sensations of your own experience.

3. Relaxing about what’s happening is having an attitude of curiosity, openness and fascination that causes the body to also relax, soften and open.

4. Being open to allow feelings to flow is the alternative to avoiding them. This does not mean expressing, venting or acting out either. It’s simply not holding onto your feelings. Allowing your feelings to flow is a matter of relaxing the body for feelings to naturally dissolve.

5. Accepting “what is” happens when figuring out and judging stops and resistance dissolves. It’s when you realize that reality isn’t either good or bad; it’s just what is, right now.

6. Noticing and resting in the inner stillness is a state of awareness that requires no thought. It’s not affected by the mind, and you catch it when you shift your attention from all that striving and pushing to become aware of awareness itself. The mind disappears, and you simply get still. (This is something that is very easy to learn, and all my clients can do it.)

7. Being “love” means the love that you are meets yourself and others with compassion and kindness. I’m not talking about a moral perspective. What I’m talking about is your most natural, effortless state. And when you discover that your own true nature actually is love, looking for love becomes unnecessary because you have it and it flows to you from all around you.

A romantic couple relax in a meadow

Those are the 7 qualities, or states, that are naturally running in the background whenever you find yourself at peace, present and productive at the same time.

How can we cultivate these natural states?

Remember, these are effortless and natural states, as easy as just being can be, so getting there is actually about undoing all the obstacles that are in the way. If you can get all the mental and emotional noise out of the way, your true nature is what’s left. Think of it this way: There really is no way to become what you already are.

What are we doing that blocks us from this way of being?

We get blocked as a result of the way we deal with our own mind and emotions. I’m referring specifically to our stressful feelings, pictures and limiting beliefs. Let’s look at how to undo each one.

Here’s how to recover your peace, presence and productivity when it’s being blocked:

  • Letting feelings go is like letting the steam out of your tea kettle by taking the lid off the pot. Steam evaporates, and feelings can flow out freely the same way. Holding onto feelings is what feels bad. Flowing feelings out of your body like steam actually feels really good.
  • Letting negative pictures go is like watching clouds float across the sky in a breeze. Seeing those pictures floating away wipes your mental slate clean.

Clouds float across the sky

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs is about making a conscious decision to let a thought go. Making that decision is as easy as dropping a pen out of your hand and then letting gravity take it for you.

This practice uses imagination to great advantage and relies on our ability to choose and decide. It’s quite simple to do with a little practice. (No thinking required!)

But how do you let go of the negative beliefs when you really believe them?

Our reasons for believing old stories seem to make sense only until we apply objective scrutiny to them. Then what you’ll discover is that those reasons are always either about wishing for power, looking for acceptance or wanting to protect yourself. Here’s how it works … .

3 habits are constantly blocking access to that natural peace, presence and power

1. We wish we could change or get control over the circumstances “out there” because we aren’t experiencing our true source of power from within.

2. We look for acceptance from people around us because we aren’t experiencing our inherent true value.

3. We try to protect ourselves from circumstances because we aren’t really trusting and at ease at the center of our being.

With hands closed, a woman practices yoga

Solution: to be effortlessly confident and at ease, waking up to the truth of You.

The truth is right here within you. Have you ever looked for your glasses and realized they were right on your head? You just weren’t looking in the right place, so you didn’t see that you had them all along. Uncovering the truth of your Infinite Self is like that, too.

The habitual old beliefs and stressful reactions point out to us what we need to undo, situation by situation. The quiet source of your power, creativity and inspiration is already right behind that mental and emotional noise, deep within you. Once you uncover it using these simple practices, you’ll find out that …

  • It’s more fun to be confident than to be looking for acceptance outside of you;
  • It’s more effective to be self-empowered than to be wishing things out there could change;
  • It’s easier to be comfortable in your own skin than to try to protect yourself with shields of armor.

The difference becomes obvious only through the simple letting-go practice that I mentioned above. Understanding the 7 signs of peace, presence and productivity and the habits we keep that block them is the “booby” prize. It’s only by undoing one belief at a time, one situation at a time, thought by thought that you’ll find yourself truly peaceful and aware of the effortless confidence and ease of your Infinite Self.

What can be gained by this practice of freeing up beliefs, reactions and pictures, and cultivating the 7 qualities?

By taking out that internal noise, you’re unleashing the creative life force that makes everything happen in your life. Life starts going more and more smoothly. Sudden insights or openings occur that can turn seemingly impossible or problematic situations around. The results often far exceed what the mind could have imagined.

A woman unleashes her life force through her hands

This practice will uncover the Source of You, actually. The inner peace and power that emerges from this work translates into your feeling more confident, self-empowered and comfortable in your own skin. Life falls into place more and more smoothly. From regular practice, insights occur, opportunities appear and situations turn around. Being in the flow and having synchronicities will then become commonplace experiences.

Practice: Here is something you can try:

Decide to take 100 percent responsibility for your stressful feelings, mental pictures and beliefs. Then, when they come up, play with the methods mentioned above to undo them (see “Here’s how to recover your peace, presence and productivity when it’s being blocked” above). By using these simple practices over and over, you’ll get to celebrate huge shifts and gains in your life. That Infinite Self within you will shine forth, and you will be exhibiting the 7 signs of peace, presence and productivity more and more.

Here’s how to go further to learn and master this approach:

Remember, knowledge and understanding does not create transformation. Experiential learning is necessary. There are classes in which you can learn the basics more thoroughly. And one-on-one private coaching or group coaching programs are an excellent way to master the method and take it all the way into every area of your work and life.

Contact me to get current information about what’s available and discuss options on how to proceed. The method itself is simple. The inner power, inherent value and ease that naturally emerge can be a total game changer for every area of a person’s life.

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