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Portable wifi hotspots such as Karma hotspots enable you to connect to the internet by tapping into cellular phone signals anywhere you are.

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Portable Wifi Hotspots Such As Karma Hotspots Keep You Connected to the Internet While on the Go

Portable wifi hotspots such as Karma hotspots are powerful devices that connect you to the internet whether you’re riding a train or stretching out on a grassy knoll on a sun-splashed afternoon, watermelon in tow.

Karma Hotspots Offer Affordable Plans and Packages Compared With Most Portable Wifi Hotspots

Portable wifi hotspots grab a cellular phone connection out of thin air and turn it into your own personal wifi signal anywhere you are! I’ve used Karma hotspots since 2015, when I received my unit as an early adopter. I had been searching for a pay-as-you-go plan, and Karma put out the only portable wifi hotspots with such a plan. These days, Karma units fetch a low monthly fee ($2.95) but offer tremendous deals on data packages. Specials sometimes offer data packages at half price—perfect opportunities to stock up!

Portable wifi hotspots are handy if you’re a digital nomad or taking a trip and require an internet connection with your laptop or tablet. They’re also handy if you want to stream music while on a camping trip, for example, without cutting into your cell phone’s data plan.

Karma hotspots are tiny devices, measuring about 3 inches in width and height and just a half-inch in depth. They weigh just a couple of ounces. They’re akin to half-size hockey pucks. You can keep a unit stashed in a pocket until you need it.

The only question is: What are you waiting for? Pick up a wifi hotspot and give yourself the freedom to choose where and when you power through documents or spreadsheets, create dazzling images, songs or films or just kick back and surf the web or stream some tunes.

Karma Hotspots in Action: Get out of the Office and Unleash Your Creativity

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