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New Year … New Day … New Hour … New Second!

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With the advent of a new calendar year, many people look to implement changes in their lives that will take them towards their goals of health and happiness. New Year is traditionally seen as a time to embrace and bring to fruition new healthful habits that will, hopefully, become a part of day-to-day living.

Dietary changes often form a big part of New Year’s resolutions. I believe that taking steps to adopt a high-fruit raw vegan diet truly is a way to help us to us with our potential for optimal wellness and abundance. I think that health is true wealth and that no amount of material items or money can compare with wonderful good health—the kind of glorious good health in which one is ready to to jump out of bed each morning and a state of wellness that offers a life filled with vibrant energy and an absence of aches, pains and enervation.

So with the New Year in mind, I would like to share some thoughts on the marvellous opportunities that present themselves each day to each and every one of us.

Illiustration of hour, minute and second clock hands
We can begin our raw food journeys at any given moment.

No matter how many years a person has been eating a certain way, right away, from the immediate point in time when they decide to change their way of eating, their health will begin to improve. Certainly, there can be a period of elimination where it may feel as though one’s health is not improving, but it is! The healing crises may be challenging, but from that very moment when you consciously make those changes to the way you eat, your wonderful body does a remarkable thing—it starts to heal and rebalance.

I very firmly believe that your body is always working in your best interest—always, with no exceptions. So while we may not understand exactly all of the elimination processes and healing crises, we can be sure that our body is doing its best and working with its own innate wisdom.

The body truly has a wonderful capacity for healing and cleansing as long as it is given the right conditions to do so; and even if the conditions are not ideal, the body still does the best it can in its current situation. And no matter if your mind does not quite comprehend what is going on, the body, with its amazing design and capabilities, is doing its very best in the present circumstances to give you the beautiful health that is your birthright.

Regardless of how many times you have fallen off the Mango Wagon, each single day gives you the renewed opportunity to get right back up there again and give your body the diet and lifestyle that allows it to be the healthiest possible version of you.

Grapes hang from a tree with sunlight in the background
True health is ours for the taking!

Words like “fail” are, I feel, not helpful to our journey. Each challenging opportunity can give us the chance to learn and to grow, to get stronger, to be more sure of what it is that we really want out of life.

Each time we eat a food that we would rather not be eating, we can learn from its effect on our body. We can see the effects of consuming it; we can have firsthand observation of the way it impacts our health. So instead of berating ourselves or using words such as “bad food” or “failure” we can be aware of the consequences of eating a food in a neutral way rather than seeing the action in a negative light. When we neutrally observe the effects of eating certain foodstuffs without making negative judgments on ourselves, we are not shutting our minds to the effects of eating certain foods but neither are we beating ourselves up for consuming them. Each time we use the words “fail” or “failure” or chastise ourselves for choices we have made, we give importance to these negative words and give them power, and at the same time we are thinking in an uncompassionate way about ourselves.

This is not to say that those foods are effective for us to eat, but blaming and judging, I believe, is not helpful to our journey; whilst acknowledgement of consequences in a nonjudgmental way helps us to identify what we want without being unkind to ourselves. And when we become aware of those consequences, then we can reach a point where we no longer want them in our life.

When we become conscious of what works for us and appreciate the foods that create positive consequences in our bodies, we can make an informed decision to choose these foods to nourish us. Often it is the challenges in life that really show us what we truly want, and without them we may never have this deep-seated assurance. So take each new day, not just each New Year’s Day, as a wonderful opportunity to live the life of your dreams and desires.

A collage of colorful fruits and lettuce

We are so fortunate that our bodies at whatever calendar age can immediately start the process of healing and rebalancing. I have seen people in their 80s and 90s have immediate health improvements from dietary changes.

So, carpe diem, indeed “pluck the day as it is ripe.” Seize each and every new day as having the potential to live the way that you really want to, and see each new day as an opportunity to place a positive step on your own individual path toward health and wellness.

And remember that path is your very own special path; it may have a slightly different route from someone else, it may even have a totally different trajectory, but all those paths are headed in the same ultimate direction – the way to personal optimal health and wellness.

I believe we all differ in our needs due to different past diet and lifestyle choices and the choices of our forebears, which have all affected our genetic strengths and challenges. Therefore, we may all need slightly different routes to reach our goals, and this is perfectly fine and okay. There is no one single “right” way; just the way that works best for you as an individual. So please do not feel that you are “wrong” because what works well for you differs from the way that works best for someone else.

A basket teems over with colorful fruits

Whilst everything I have studied or read over the past 25 years has led me to believe that we are all, by design, frugivorous, I also appreciate that humans do not have a consistent dietary heritage and we do not have the genetic integrity of those other animals who have eaten a consistent diet over the past thousands of years.

What we eat not only affects our present day but changes our DNA and therefore alters the genetics of our children and grandchildren and so on. Therefore, each and every single dietary choice and decision we make affects not only our own future but the future of our descendants.

And I feel that this gives us tremendous power to be able, every single day, to make positive choices that will enhance not only our own health but the health of many future generations.

Although the past allows us the opportunity to learn from previous choices. it does not bind us, nor does it govern the decisions we make today. The present day is all we really ever have, and if the past has a hold on us that prevents us from living in the present in the way we want, then we may need to release our past choices from dictating our present and future health.

Block letters spell out "Are you ready" on a table

Each day, each hour, each minute, and each second contains the unlimited potential for positive life choices. And if we make a less-than-optimal decision, then we have a valuable opportunity to grow and learn from this choice and to be in the position to appreciate what it is that our body really wants and needs to thrive.

Often, our experiences during challenging times help us to know what it is that we truly desire and what really works effectively for us personally. So take your power, embrace your eternal potential, and make each day and every day an opportunity for positive change.

We may often feel that it is the “guru” or the “expert” or the “world authority” who has all the answers and power, but I believe this is not the case. Certainly, we can learn from other people’s experiences, but I think we always need to acknowledge our own potency and authority, and embrace our own innate health knowledge; which we are all born with but may be masked by modern diet and lifestyles.

I wish each of you a very wonderful New (calendar) Year; and I also wish you all the very best each and every precious day to live the life you truly want to live.

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