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Fruit-Powered Advertising Partnership

Since June 2012, Fruit-Powered has served the fruitarian, raw food, vegan and health-enthusiast communities with hundreds of transformation stories, articles from health leaders, interviews with changemakers, arts and feature pieces, top tips and recipes.

These stories are packaged in my e-magazine, Fruit-Powered Magazine, which has blossomed as the world’s leading raw food magazine. The Magazine is the only publication serving specifically the fruitarian set, although its content branches off to other health, wellness and lifestyle topics such as exercise, personal growth and minimalism. This quarterly magazine is sent to several thousand readers across the globe on the first Thursdays of January, April, July and October.

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Readers of my magazine and website—which, at 700-plus stories deep, is among the world’s top online raw food destinations—represent the perfect target audience for specific companies. These are companies selling high-quality fruits and home products such as water distillers, juicers, food processors, dehydrators and spiralizers as well as body products, including consciously produced clothing and minimalist shoes. Additionally, this audience is ideal for advertisers of fasting retreats and raw food festivals. To serve my audience—teeming with highly educated, motivated and savvy consumers, mostly in their 20s through 40s—with products and services of special appeal, I have developed the Fruit-Powered Advertising Partnership. Partnership opportunities are available for three-month periods throughout each year.

In a Fruit-Powered Advertising Partnership, Companies Receive:

  • Website leaderboard ad (728×90): This ad will be positioned below “In Season” on the Fruit-Powered home page. This placement is near the top of the page when viewing on computers and mobile devices.
  • Store leaderboard ad (728×90): This ad will be positioned below “Product Categories” on the Fruitarian Store home page. This placement is near the top of the page when viewing on computers and mobile devices.
  • Magazine full banner ad (468×60): This ad will be positioned just below the Fruit-Powered logo and offset by the header “Special Fruit-Powered Advertising Partner” in a single quarterly Fruit-Powered Magazine e-mail.
  • Black Friday full banner ad (468×60): Included in alphabetical order by advertiser company name in a special Black Friday e-mail advertising Fruitarian Store sales.
  • Solo e-mail: One e-mail featuring only your company with an ad (530 pixels by height of your choosing) and 200-word writeup will be sent to the entire Fruit-Powered mailing list. This e-mail will be sent the third Thursday of January, April, July and October.
  • Social media exposure: Two posts on Instagram and Facebook announcing that the company is a Fruit-Powered Advertising Partner and highlighting the company’s goods and/or services.

Your website might be the best one on the Web!

—Dr. David Klein

If you’re not familiar with Fruit-Powered, then hop on over and get ready to be inspired. Brian has put together an amazing, highly readable free magazine—definitely the best on the market today.

—Anthea Frances Falkiner

Fruit-Powered Advertising Partnership Time Period Availability:

  • Winter: January 1 through March 30
  • Spring: April 1 through June 30
  • Summer: July 1 through September 30
  • Fall: October 1 through December 31

Finally, your advertising partnerships with Fruit-Powered help ensure readers in almost 200 countries continue to enjoy free access to my magazine and growing website by offsetting considerable production costs. Check out what dozens of readers have to say about Fruit-Powered, a needed, valued resource at a time when the health of human beings, other living creatures and the environment is in peril!

Each three-month Fruit-Powered Advertising Partnership costs $500. Ads and payment must be sent 30 days before a time period start date.

If you’re interested in a Fruit-Powered Advertising Partnership, contact Brian Rossiter.

Thank you and be joyful, grateful and fruitful!


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