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Enjoy 100-plus Raw Vegan Transformations, with almost all focusing on subjects’ experiences while transitioning to and leading a low-fat raw food diet, published in Fruit-Powered Digest! Learn what these magnificent individuals did to rejuvenate and thrive in these powerful, inspiring and informative Raw Vegan Transformations! Discover how their raw vegan diet and other lifestyle choices give freedom to fellow creatures and are sustainable for the environment.

Many of these Raw Vegan Transformations focus on weight loss and/or healing from health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, colitis, Crohn’s disease as well as alcoholism, drug abuse and depression. Many of these Raw Vegan Transformations also feature Raw Vegan Tips and Raw Vegan Recipes as part of story packages. Raw Vegan Transformations are also known as raw vegan success stories and raw vegan before and after stories as well as raw food success stories and raw food before and after stories on the Internet.

Exploring Raw Vegan Transformations

All the Raw Vegan Transformations published on Fruit-Powered.com are listed below. If you’d like, use the sidebar “Browse by Category” to view the three different kinds of Transformations stories published on the website. You may also click on the buttons below to view the different categories.

110 Raw Vegan Transformations in Alphabetical Order

Charlie Abel Toni Allen Tim and Leslie Arnold Francesco Barone Robby Barbaro Benjamin Beeler Being Vegan’s Michael and Brook Don Bennett Jesse Bogdanovich Irene Bojczuk Miliany Bonet Grant Campbell Ted Carr Petr Cech Ping Chan Anna Chmielewska Ashley Clark Korey Constable Katy Craine Peter Csere Matthew David Rick and Karin Dina Jesi DiPalo Nicolas Dudet Megan Elizabeth Victoria Everett John Fallucca Anthea Frances Falkiner Josh Fossgreen Swayze Foster Freelee Eva Fruit Jessica Fuller Janie Gardener Jimmy Gilker Doug Graham Alicia Grant Kat Green Jenée Hallick Happy Healthy Vegan’s Ryan Lum and Anji Bee Deanna Husk Desarae Jeter Harley “Durianrider” Johnstone Jay Kaiser Reny Kattel Arnold Kauffman Rupinder Kaur Chris “Banana Commander” Kendall Stephanie Kent Julie Kersey Cyrus Khambatta Joy King Dr. David Klein Louise Koch Jon Kozak Jason Kvestad Cassandra Glynn Kutner Jenny Lapan Tasha Lee Jennelle LeMoine Natalie Lenka Ellen Livingston Dr. Robert Lockhart Melanie Lotos Kvetoslava Martinec Dan McGrogan Conor McMillen Samuel Mielcarski Tarah Millen Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray Moein Nejad Elisa Oras Anne Osborne Andrew Perlot Jamie Pounds Timothy Radley Melissa Raimondi Karen Ranzi Raw Food Levi Rawthenticity’s Lori Weiss and Nicole Gregg Silpa Reddy Rob Rehnmark Evan Rock Kevin Rogers Rebecca Rosenberg Anjali and Manikya Sanghi Charles Schmidt Jr. Jeff Sekerak Megan Sherow Ronnie Smith Luis Souza Apryl Electra Storms Eva Straub Itsy Sweeney Sweet Natural Living’s Mikkel and Mads Gisle Johnsen Paul and Yulia Tarbath Mark Tassi Brittany Taylor Josh Tiska Victor VanRambutan Esperanza Vite Mike Vlasaty Anastasia Voss Aliyah Washington Don Weaver Richard Widmark Mango Wodzak Mewsum Wong Jason Young Amy Yuter

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