Publishing and Editing Services
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Publishing and Editing Services

I’ve found a passion in self-publishing books and know how exciting it can be to bring your unique perspective to the world! Through my publishing and editing services, I assist world-renowned raw fooders and veteran authors as well as fledgling authors with their projects and am available to help you make your publishing dream come true, too!

I Can Assist with Publishing, Editing and Proofreading Books in the Following Ways:

  • Explaining how you can launch your project as an e-book, paperback book and even sell it on the Amazon store
  • Inspiring and guiding you to develop and focus your book’s message
  • Steering your book’s narrative via a table of contents and outline
  • Heavy editing or light proofreading for clear voice, flow, accuracy, style, consistency, conciseness and readability
  • Taking your raw copy and polishing it until it sparkles and shines

I Have Published Six of My Own Books Since June 2012:

I Have Also Published, Edited or Proofread 10 Other Books Since August 2012:

Before launching and publishing, writing and editing books, I served as a newspaper and magazine copy editor, page designer and reporter. I also worked in public relations as well as in publications, writing for online and print audiences. I boast an inordinate amount of experience for my age, propelled by six newspaper internships while studying journalism at Penn State University and having written and edited professionally for newspapers since I was 18 years old in 1996. I wrote my 1,000th newspaper article at just 25 years old.

Although I can manage simple interior design, I’m happy to recommend a top-flight designer I work with regularly for book covers and advanced interior design.

My rate is $100 an hour. I extend discounted rates based on the nature, length and condition of projects.

Please contact me via the form below with publishing, editing and proofreading requests.

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