The Story of Plastic Documentary

The Story of Plastic takes a hard-hitting and comprehensive look at the human-created crisis of plastic pollution and the global effect it has on the health of our planet and all living beings inhabiting it.

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The Story of Plastic Documentary Is a Revealing, Must-See Movie

We know only the end of the story with regard to plastics, and this is only the beginning, The Story of Plastic documentary tells us. As consumers, we’re burdened with the responsibility to properly recycle plastics—especially single-use plastics—but less than 10 percent of plastic products are turned into usable forms.

The corporations responsible for injecting so much plastic into the marketplace are getting off easy, environmental experts proclaim in The Story of Plastic documentary.

The Story of Plastic Documentary Focuses on the Environmental and Health Effects of Plastic

The Story of Plastic examines the severe environmental and health effects of plastic. It zooms in on how plastic products are choking waterways in Indonesia and tower like hilltops in China while also exploring how plastics are destroying sea life, land-based wildlife and leading to scores of health conditions among human beings.

The Story of Plastic delivers a wide-scope look at the plastic pollution crisis and the global effect it is having on the health of our planet and all the living beings inhabiting it. This powerfully produced plastics program teems with eye-opening statistics and jaw-dropping visuals, creating a sense of urgency for all people to make environmentally responsible choices and for corporations to embrace sustainable solutions, particularly with regard to single-use plastics, many of which are mixed materials and cannot be recycled.

Watch The Story of Plastic Trailer and Purchase This Powerful Movie to Learn More About the Plastic Problem

This Documentary Will Have You up in Arms, Wanting to Help Press Governments and Corporations to Do Better!

The Story of Plastic features interviews with 16 experts and activists on the front lines of the fight against plastics. These stars expose the hugely negative consequences of the plastics flood destroying ecosystems and poisoning communities all over the planet and highlight the worldwide movement that is rising to help save Mother Earth.

Legendary Pearl Jam lead guitarist Mike McCready contributes score work to this powerful movie.

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