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Sun lamps, which are often used for Vitamin D therapy and to improve symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, can double as tanning lamps in some models such as the Lite Tan 80R.

Sun Lamps for Vitamin D and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) May Also Serve As Tanning Lamps

Sun lamps—often used to raise one’s Vitamin D level and improve symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD—can double as tanning lamps in some models. Sun lamps may boost your level of health and might even prove to be a vital missing component in an otherwise healthy lifestyle. A sun lamp I bought to help increase my Vitamin D level is also known to help improve and even eliminate symptoms of seasonal affective disorder along with other health conditions. This sun lamp also qualifies as a tanning lamp, offering a very gentle tan.

Many Are Affected by Vitamin D Deficiency, and Sun Lamps Can Help Boost Overall Health

More than half the global population is deficient in Vitamin D, making this health crisis a pandemic. Some health experts on the subject argue that the deficiency threshold should even be raised, citing the beneficial effects of increased levels of Vitamin D. If the threshold were to be raised, nine out of 10 folks would be deficient in Vitamin D.

Many are affected and even crippled by a Vitamin D deficiency because they’re not receiving enough sunlight. They’re not getting enough sunlight because they’re indoors during sunny hours and because they’re residing too far from the equator, where we’re designed to live. When you think about it, governmental and health organizations’ recommendations to get “X” amount of minutes of sunlight a day are ludicrous and dangerous. I believe we’re creatures who originated from the equator, and long ago when we lived there, we’d receive 12 hours of glorious sunlight on our naked bodies on the days the sun was out shining brightly in full force.

Using a sun lamp may help improve not only your Vitamin D level but symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, acne, herpes simplex, leucoderma, osteoporosis, psoriasis and shingles, according to Terrence S., who has sold thousands of sun lamps since 2000 while operating UV Sun Lamps and has received joyous letters and emails from folks who’ve turned around their health fortunes by using his lamps.

UV Sun Lamps’ Lite Sun 80R Is a Sun Lamp for Vitamin D Therapy and Seasonal Affective Disorder As Well As a Tanning Lamp All in One

UV Sun Lamps produces the Lite Tan 80R model, which I own. After extensive communication with Terrence S. about his many Vitamin D therapy sun lamps and tanning sun lamps, time and time again he highlighted that the Lite Tan 80R is his favorite model and the sun lamp he uses. I explained that I was looking first and foremost for a Vitamin D therapy sun lamp, and if one offered a gentle tan to help protect my fair Irish-American skin from sunburn, I’d be happy to have the best of both worlds. The Lite Tan 80R is the model that would meet my needs, Terrence S. advised me.

Let me tell you: I saw a noticeable health boost on my first day of using my Lite Tan 80R and look forward to what longtime and regular use brings.

The Lite Tan 80R, which is affordable and costs much less compared with many competitors’ sun lamps, provides Vitamin D and all the additional benefits of soft UV exposure (95 percent UVA and 5 percent UVB), an essential nutrient for sound health. This sun lamp is also believed to increase energy, or chi, for many internal organs.

The Lite Tan 80R takes up far less space than full-size tanning units and is portable enough for travel. This sun lamp is designed for hand-held use or mounting to a board, door or wall for hands-free use. It can be used at multiple heights, making it possible for you to achieve full-body Vitamin D therapy while receiving a smooth, light tan, referred to as “morning sun.” Until I invest in a permanent setup for my Lite Tan 80R in my future tiny home, I’ve threaded a strong shoelace around a top of the back end of the unit and draped it over a camera tripod. This setup has proved to work quite well without additional expense.

The Lite Tan 80R offers two premium bulbs and full aluminum reflectors for higher efficiency. These reflectors also serve to help protect the bulbs. This model, which requires no assembly and measures 18 inches long by 9 inches wide by 6 inches deep, offers 80 watts of power and is two to four times stronger than winter sun. It operates silently. It’s made in the United States at a company run by solar power and boasts steel-grade construction. The product life is advertised as being 10 years.


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