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Stupidly Simple Raw Food Recipes by Josh Fossgreen

Stupidly Simple Raw Food Recipes by Josh Fossgreen features 30 dessert recipes, salad recipes and smoothie recipes as well as tips on a raw food diet. Also enjoy tips on raw food preparation and more!


Stupidly Simple Raw Food Recipes by Josh Fossgreen Is a Fun, Spirited and Colorful Raw Food Recipe Book That Makes Recipe Creation Easy

Stupidly Simple Raw Food Recipes by Josh Fossgreen contains 30 dessert recipes, salad recipes and smoothie recipes. This fun, spirited and wildly colorful and attractive book came about when the author had the thought, after he first got into raw food: “How does anyone do this? This is taking over my life and I’m not even enjoying it that much!” He was spending literally hours preparing food and was still hungry all day!

We all know we’re supposed to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Josh Fossgreen heard this from his parents, teachers and doctors his whole life. It was really frustrating to him when it seemed as if doing just this—something so simple—turned out to be challenging and time-consuming. Josh Fossgreen has heard from many folks over the about years how hard it was for them to eat a raw food diet: “I spent all day in the kitchen! I just couldn’t stand thinking about food so much.”

Stupidly Simple Raw Food Recipes Is Your Recipe Guide for Delicious, Nutritious, Easily Prepared Meals

Stupidly Simple Raw Food Recipes is the raw food recipe book Josh Fossgreen wishes he could have had when he was new to a raw food diet. Most raw recipe books are way too complicated for anyone but gourmet chefs, so Josh Fossgreen wrote this book specifically to make eating raw food simpler. He also added in Stupidly Simple Raw Food Recipes lots of critical information about how much to eat, tips for good digestion and a list of raw resources, all to help people new to raw food. You’ll also learn all about the fruit and greens involved, ripening tips and what kitchen equipment you need.

Rather than make Stupidly Simple Raw Food Recipes a book full of Josh Fossgreen’s fanciest, most-gourmet creations, he gives you the recipes he actually uses every day eating a raw food diet. None of these recipes will have you slaving away in the kitchen for hours. Who has time for that, after all?

35 pages. Available in ebook format.

2 reviews for Stupidly Simple Raw Food Recipes by Josh Fossgreen

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    Megan Elizabeth

    Knowing Josh personally, I would expect nothing less than Stupidly Simple Raw Food Recipes from him. This book is perfect for new raw fooders, low-fat and high-carb raw vegans, and kids! There’s fun and personality on every page. It’s full of practical and delicious recipes that can be eaten anytime as well as information to help you get started. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for simple, fresh, fun and easy raw food recipes!

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    This is one of the most beautiful little recipe books I’ve ever seen! The layout and the colours are so easy to digest and, as a matter of a fact, so are the recipes! It’s simple, yet creative and unique. Even after five years as a high-carb raw vegan, I came across some new recipes that I’m going to try. I love how little ingredients and equipment is used, and those stunning pictures just really bring the recipes to life. You actually managed to make this not just a recipe book but a must-have high-carb raw vegan manual. Great work, Josh.

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