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Pogamat produces wonderfully crafted anti-tear and anti-slip cardio mats, including the Pogamat XL Cardio Mat, and yoga mats. These exercise mats are much longer and wider compared with the industry standard as well as offer twice the thickness, helping support your body.

Pogamat Makes Extraordinary Anti-Tear Cardio Mats and Yoga Mats

Pogamat manufactures some of the best anti-tear cardio mats and yoga mats on the market and adorns their products with lifetime warranties against manufacturer defects in materials and craftmanship. I love my kitty, Baby Blossom, but she did a number on my previous foam exercise mat, which was very cushioning but wound up in tiny pieces scattered across a floor. My search for an anti-tear workout mat led me to Pogamat, which produces cardio mats and yoga mats as well as accessories such as yoga towels and shoulder straps. Once I received my Pogamat XL Cardio Mat, I knew I had struck gold with a premier, durable cross-functional exercise mat! This mat, I believe, will stand the test of time—and withstand my kitty’s claws.

Pogamat Cardio Mats Can Handle All You Have to Bring

My Pogamat XL Cardio Mat is suitable for use with my Posture Exercises Method and calisthenics routines. The company proudly proclaims that its Cardio Mats are designed to handle all intense cardio workouts such as P90X, Insanity, T25, kettlebells and all kinds of yoga. Whatever you have to bring, your XL Cardio Mat (7 feet long x 27 inches wide x 6.5 millimeters thick) or XXL Cardio Mat (7 feet long x 4 feet wide x 6.5 millimeters thick) can handle it—with or without sneakers!

These Cardio Mats are twice the thickness of many exercise mats, reducing impact on your body and giving you extra cushioning during on-the-mat stretches and exercises.

Pogamat Yoga Mats Are Available in Three Large Sizes So You Can Spread Your Wings

For the yoga lovers, the company offers three Pogamat Yoga Mats: XL Yoga Mat (7 feet long x 27 inches wide x 7 millimeters thick), XXL Yoga Mat (7 feet long x 4 feet wide x 7 millimeters thick) and 3X Yoga Mat (9 feet long x 5 feet wide x 7 millimeters thick). These mats are twice the thickness of standard yoga mats and offer high-density memory foam cushioning.

Pogamat Cardio Mats and Yoga Mats Come with a Two-Sided Anti-Slip Surface

Pogamat products feature two-sided anti-slip surfaces. The top is made from a soft texture, providing comfort and grip to your bare feet or sneaker-clad feet. The bottom comprises a large honeycomb groove anti-slip pad for grip, making your mat suitable for use on cement, tile, hardwood and carpeted floors along with grass and sand.

Pogamat Exercise Mats Are Made with Nontoxic Materials

Pogamat products are made using eco-friendly manufacturing methods. These mats are made from nontoxic synthetic materials. No latex, silicone or phthalates are used, and neither are flammable materials.


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