OXO Salad Spinners

OXO salad spinners do a super job of washing and drying the leaves of lettuce and other greens such as spinach. The basket can be used as a colander, and the bowl is suitable for serving.

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OXO Salad Spinners Wash and Dry Your Green Leaves Quickly

OXO salad spinners are helpful in quickly and effective washing and drying the leaves of lettuce and other greens such as spinach for use in green smoothie recipes, appetizer recipesmain course recipes and other recipes.

OXO spinners have saved many salads for me by enabling me to quickly wash and resuscitate wilted lettuce leaves. When your lettuce or other green leaves are looking saggy and lifeless, give them a gentle bath in clean water—preferably distilled water—for 15 to 30 minutes in your spinner. Drain the water and let the leaves sit for a while in your spinner in your refrigerator or on your countertop. When it’s time to make your meal, spin away! Presto—there you have revived lettuce leaves, ready to be mixed with the rest of your ingredients!

OXO Salad Spinners Are Built Well and to Last and Feature Clever Design

OXO salad spinners’ pump design makes it easy for people of all ages and abilities to use these salad spinners without needing significant hand strength or fine motor skills. You can even use one hand to operate the unit. Continuous turning in the same direction enables these spinners to achieve higher revolutions per minute, resulting in the driest, crispest lettuce you’ve ever eaten!

OXO salad spinners - OXO logo - Fruit-Powered Store

OXO salad spinners, boasting BPA-free plastic, are designed in a way that maximizes their uses. The basket can be used separately as a colander, and the 6-plus-quart bowl is suitable for serving.

These spinners are constructed with soft nonslip knobs as well as nonslip bases. These nonslip bases will help keep your spinner steady on your countertop. A built-in brake button will stop your spinner for unloading. Wash your spinner by hand or on the top rack of your dishwasher.

OXO Salad Spinners in Action: How to Use a Salad Spinner

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