Nish Salad Chopper | Double-Bladed Mezzaluna Knife

The Nish Salad Chopper, a double-bladed mezzaluna knife, is a handy tool that makes for fast and easy cutting of salad ingredients, from lettuce and herbs to tomatoes and cucumbers.

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Nish Salad Chopper Is a Creatively Designed Knife That Will Transform Your Salad-Making Process

A Nish Salad Chopper is a double-bladed mezzaluna knife that will revolutionize how you cut your salad greens and/or other salad ingredients such as tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and herbs.

Rather than chop lettuce and other salad ingredients on a cutting board, leaving savory juices behind, you can use the Nish chopper directly in your favorite salad bowl. The stainless-steel knife’s curved blades allow for easy rocking and cutting in a bowl.

This knife comes with a plastic blade cover that protects this very sharp blade.

Nish Salad Chopper’s Double-Bladed Mezzaluna Knife Will Save You Valuable Minutes Each Time You Use It

You’ll also save a lot of time when using your handy Nish Salad Chopper. This knife’s double blades mean that, with every cut, you’re cutting twice. The result is, you’ll cut twice as quickly, cutting out work in your life so you can get to enjoying your colorful, decadent and nutritious salad recipe creations.

Some days when I prepare salads, I choose to cut only my lettuce using this wonderful time-saving chopper. Other days, especially when making salads with avocado pieces as my overt fat, I choose to cut all my salad ingredients in my bowl.

How to Use a Mezzaluna Knife

After a few uses of this salad chopper, I came to understand how to use a mezzaluna knife in an optimal fashion. You see, some food would get trapped between the blades, but once I wrapped my fingers in the cut-out area, providing peak stability, control and safety, significantly less food got trapped.

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