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Large wooden salad bowls with salad hands such as the magnetizing models crafted by Lipper International can help deliver an enjoyable dining experience and heighten the art of your scrumptious salads and soups.

Large Wooden Salad Bowls with Salad Hands from Lipper International Are As Gorgeous As They Are Functional

Large wooden salad bowls with salad hands such as the exquisite models produced by Lipper International can help create a pleasant dining experience and elevate the art that is your Main Course Recipes such as stunningly colorful and bountiful salads.

Lipper International’s Large Wooden Salad Bowls with Salad Hands Are Plenty Big Enough for Massive Raw Vegan Salads

As a longtime raw food enthusiast, I’ve enjoyed a number of bowls for my raw vegan dinners but none more than my Lipper International Cherry-Finished Wavy-Rim Serving Bowl with Two Salad Hands. This generously sized and beautifully striking bowl, measuring 13 inches x 12.5 inches x 5 inches, is home to my salad and soup creations four nights a week. I love the look and feel of this wondrous bowl, which is the perfect size for my very large salads and could also serve as the ideal bowl for large fruit salads at gatherings and parties. To give you an idea about the size this bowl accommodates, my salads generally include a half-pound of red leaf lettuce, two to three handfuls of tomatoes, a bell pepper, half a cucumber and a Dressing Recipe.

My Lipper International Cherry-Finished Wavy-Rim Serving Bowl comes with a pair of salad hands. These help make it easy to spread your dressing all over your luscious lettuce leaves and glistening tomatoes in mere seconds. This bowl is stained with a food-safe and deep, rich cherry color. This bowl cleans easily by hand only with mild soap and water as well as benefits from application of mineral oil to help it retain its handsome look.

Lipper International Manufactures a Number of Small and Large Wooden Salad Bowls, Some Coming with Salad Hands

Beyond the Lipper International Cherry-Finished Wavy-Rim Serving Bowl, Lipper International makes several other small and large wooden bowls, some of which are packaged with salad hands. Some of these models are serving bowls in acacia, bamboo, oak and tree-bark finishes, with some coming in wide shapes and others in taller shapes. Sets of small bowls are also available for family use.

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