Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko | Green Smoothie Book

Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko, an internationally acclaimed bestseller with more than a quarter-million copies sold, explores an overlooked nutrition powerhouse: greens. The author reveals the health benefits of greens and shows how you can consume more of them in the 40-plus green smoothie recipes included in this classic title.

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Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko Is the Bestselling Green Smoothie Book

Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko, a bestselling, globally recognized green smoothie book, helped inspire and propel Fruit-Powered’s Brian Rossiter to consume green smoothies for 1,250 consecutive days starting from his first day.

Everyone knows they need to eat more fruits and vegetables, but consuming even the recommended minimum five servings a day can be challenging for some. In Green for Life, raw food pioneer Victoria Boutenko focuses on greens, an overlooked nutritional powerhouse. Bountiful in minerals and other vital nutrients, greens exceed other vegetables in nutritional value.

Green for Life Dives Into Green Smoothies and Includes Dozens of Green Smoothie Recipes

Green for Life tells the story of the Boutenko family’s health journey before and after adding green smoothies to their diets. Results include the Boutenko children’s achieving improved grades in school and the Boutenko father’s hair regaining its black color.

Green for Life explores the wonderful, powerful health benefits of adding greens to your diet and presents an easy way to consume them in sufficient quantities: green smoothies. Green smoothies are easily and quickly prepared meals that can benefit anyone, regardless of diet, lifestyle or environment. Green smoothies are delicious, infuse the body with nutrition and help eliminate toxins.

This classic green smoothie book spotlights 46 green smoothie recipes, breaks down the nutritional content of greens and features a visual graph, comparing different diets.

Green for Life Is an Inspirational Green Smoothie Book to Kick Start Your Health Revolution

If you’re wanting to eat more fruits and vegetables, gain some energy and lose some weight, this book is the perfect read to help you embark on your journey to health. This title might even inspire you to take bigger steps on your health journey and appreciate the results you’re feeling and seeing!

224 pages. Available in ebook and print formats.

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